Romney must pledge his very Life on repeal of O’Care

    Nothing short of a blood oath to the conservatives will suffice at this point: Mitt Romney must be prepared to fight, kill and die to repeal ObamaCare. His poor choices of advisers, mealy-mouthed attacks on O’Care, and weasel-worded self-defense of RomneyCare make it clear he is only slightly inclined to repeal the greatest threat to the nation in 100 years. Mike Leavitt must go. Not | Read More »

    Is it time to beat the crap out of Congress?

    AK Rep Don Young (R) got into a verbal tussle with a historian witness named Brinkley at a congressional hearing over the ANWR and drilling, etc, ad infinitum. The actual content of the “shut up” “no, you shut up” event is irrelevant. What matters is the fact that I really wanted to see Brinkley climb across the tables and up the dais and beat the | Read More »

    An amendment for every bill

    Herewith is proposed an amendment to be added to every bill until it sneaks in and passes.   The Honesty in Taxation Amendment This amendment removes the ability of the Federal government to withhold taxes of any kind from any persons’ paycheck or electronic pay for work. From this time forth, all taxes formerly collected before the issuance of paychecks shall be instead listed at | Read More »

    Did BHO just privatize Social Security?

    The Takeaway, or 30-second pitch: If the government can’t guarantee your tiny Social Security payment, shouldn’t you be able to invest that money yourself and make twice as much, ten times as much as Social Security? The Social Security Trust Fund is empty. Congress started raiding it in the 1950s and has spent all that money. Today’s workers’ Social Security taxes pay today’s retirees’ payments. | Read More »

    A little assistance, please…

    John Gruber’s led me to by Nicholas Kristof. Gruber’s DF lead-in posed an interesting question. Nicholas Kristof on U.S. Income Inequality Nicholas Kristof argues that the U.S. is at the level of plutocratic banana republics: CEOs of the largest American companies earned an average of 42 times as much as the average worker in 1980, but 531 times as much in 2001. Perhaps the | Read More »

    Moderation is a result, not a starting point.

    Recent news accounts of a closed-door Senate meeting/luncheon mention “moderate” Republicans like Scott Brown of MA wondering aloud if there was still room for “moderates” in the Republican party. In a word, Senator, No. That is if you define a moderate as someone who, to steal Peggy Noonan’s analogy from today’s WSJ Online, starts negotiating from the 18-inch mark on the 36-inch Yardstick. A digression: | Read More »

    Party First to bite Alabama Republicans

    The grammar is awful, but this party-first stuff is guaranteeing Bobby Bright will return to the House. Here are stories on the uproar as the local Republicans attempt to punish Harri Anne Smith, but only incite the hatred of the conservative base. I, for one, will be giving serious thought to tearing down Republican candidate signs everywhere along the rights-of-way until I get my pound | Read More »

    Boston harbor defined the Tea Party

    This movement was defined in Boston more than 200 years ago, regardless of what any modern group or faction might claim. That’s why the name Tea Party was chosen by Rick Santelli and others: It is a known definition, shared and understood to a large degree without further clarification. It is not a laser beam. It is not a sniper’s bullet. It is a battering | Read More »

    The Apple® Canvas™

    When I began using Apple® Macintosh™ computers, I was the only guy at a tiny Alabama newspaper who was not afraid to learn how to make the little box with the rainbow logo do what we wanted it to do – namely print to the monster imagesetter made by VariTyper. What I found was so gloriously understandable that it surpassed simplicity. This little Mac had | Read More »

    The System Really Worked!

    According to HSA Sec. Janet Napolitano: In the pre-dawn summer of 1944, nearly 200,000 troops from the allied nations attempted an invasion of Normandy. More than 90 percent of the ships sank with all hands on board due to the overloading of ammunition not accounted for in the ships’ manifests. Of the troops sent, less than 1 percent reached the beaches. In the face of | Read More »