I am a speechwriter, columnist and essayist under my own name. I am using a pen name here for now to give me a little more flexibility.


    Frontier Tales

    Some background.  I am posting under a pen name JC Houlihan.  A houlihan is a particular kind of twist put into a rope when working cattle.  This pen name was suggested to me by a close ranching friend.  Needless to say, I can ride, but I can’t rope I am a speechwriter and a published columnist and essayist living in NYC.   I graduated from a | Read More »

    A Liberal Complains to the DNC

    The following is the letter which I am sending to the Democratic leadership.  It was not enough for me to just send it out.  I wanted to be certain that it has a place somewhere in the blogosphere.  I chose to place this here on Red State, because I have been considerably active in our red states with ranching and farming interests.  In addition, as | Read More »