I am a wife, mother and Grandma who likes to address conservative issues and bring understanding to uninformed people about the dire trajectory our nation is presently on.


    Surrendering Israel to Alinsky

    Whenever self-anointed arbiter of border etiquette Barack Obama awkwardly interjects Scripture into a speech, his disingenuous inner core is exposed. Recently, in defense of an unaddressed porous US border, the President attempted to add weight to his argument by introducing Bible verse into the discussion. Barack misconstrued Scripture so badly he compared illegal usurpers with ancient Hebrews enslaved in a foreign land whose escape from | Read More »

    The Smartie Stogie Craze

    A Michigan Middle School principal has banned ‘Smarties’ and ‘Pixy Stix,’ a fruit flavored tablet and powdery sugar in a straw “because students are believed to be inhaling the sugary treat[s] as they pretend to smoke … possibly causing maggots to feed off the students’ noses.” Candy is not the only culprit; school districts all over America are joining Northern Hills Middle School in taking | Read More »

    The Tamale Tells All

    On Cinco de Mayo, while making a joke at Michelle’s expense, unbeknownst to the President he mistakenly revealed the philosophy behind all the opulent excess he and the First Lady enjoy while the rest of America suffers. For the common good, both Barry and Michelle justify dividing and doling out a small piece of pie to every American.  However, over at the White House, when | Read More »

    Barack’s 9-11 Mosquerade

    Self-professed but yet-to-practice Christian Barack Obama and his family do not attend church services in DC for fear of disrupting a prayerful congregation.   In an effort to “reach out to other faiths,” the iconoclast Obamas prefer to celebrate “non-religious Christmas [es].”  Last year, the President and First Lady even requested the Nativity scene be removed from the East Room of the White House – a | Read More »

    Box O’ Heads

    IImagine the surprise of a Southwest Airline employee in Little Rock, Arkansas, when a package destined to be transported to Medtronic, a medical research company, was discovered filled with 40-60 human heads. One wonders whether bubble wrap or packing peanuts were used to avoid damage. According to Southwest Airlines, the parcel of human heads wasn’t “labeled or packaged properly.”  Airline officials “called the local authorities” | Read More »

    Official White House Spokesperson, Helen Thomas

    Helen Thomas is like a senile granny you take to a barbeque who exposes everyone by blurting out long held family secrets. No one should be shocked by Helen’s remark that Jews should “get out of Palestine.” Thomas, daughter of Lebanese immigrants, was just articulating the feelings of the Obama administration. The Helen Thomas controversy arose during a Jewish Heritage celebration, when the octogenarian was | Read More »

    Magnum Gold Moochers

    The new trend in public response to Government Issue appears to be grievance induced upgrades.  For years the government distributed processed food to people in need of assistance.  If welfare recipients had been a tiny bit savvier unappetizing cheese could have been replaced with a more expensive choice. Presently, however, the complaints are not about cheddar versus Swiss, but quality, size and brand of free condoms. The | Read More »

    McCartney’s Classless Conga Night Comment

    Nothing, not even a flotilla, sludge creeping toward the Florida panhandle or bribery charges could stand in the way of cultural Conga night, better known as Wednesday at the White House. The most recent musical guest to perform live in the East Room was Sir Paul McCartney.  Music aficionado and world-renowned expert Barack Obama presented the ex-Beatle with the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song. | Read More »

    Of Rats and Rain

    Last week, when Obama stepped up to the podium, in the Rose Garden a rodent showed up. Obama didn’t notice. Memorial Day, Obama stepped up to the podium to speak at the Abraham Lincoln Ceremony and “bolts of lightning, booming thunder and torrential downpour” followed.  This time, Obama was forced to notice or be impaled by a bolt of lightning. Barack should have stayed in | Read More »

    Who Done DADT?

    Once again, political correctness takes precedence over the welfare and security of the nation. Democrat homosexuality crusaders are preparing to use the US military as a political platform to make a statement on gay rights by repealing the 1993 “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law, which bans gays and lesbians from openly serving in the military. Why does sexual preference have to be made public? Heterosexuals | Read More »

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