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    The Republican Primaries and the GOP’s Big Problem: Heir Apparent Syndrome

    Republicans pride ourselves on being the party of merit, “if you earn it is yours”. Because Republicans believe that what you want can be achieved if you work hard for it, we are big believers in merit and hard work, with the exception of some RINOS. But, the Republican Establishment doesn’t seem to apply those same beliefs to our presidential candidates. The reason I believe | Read More »

    The Budget Battle in Montgomery County, VA, the Tea Party versus Occupy Wallstreet subsidiary.

    The Tea Party goes against Occupy Blacksburg in Virginia’s Montgomery County. In Montgomery County, Virginia, the Board of Supervisors is attempting to create their new budget for the year, which is ordinarily the time they also decide to increase or decrease taxes. Well, this year the School Board is running low on funds and they are requesting that the Board of Supervisors increase property taxes | Read More »

    #OWS Boycotting Stores on Black Friday

    On Black Friday an OWS member and his friends are trying to plan a boycott of various public stores and supermarkets because of the supposed “greed” of the corporations that own them. In essence, because they, #OWS, do not like the people running your local Wal-Mart, they are going to try and ruin Black Friday for thousands of people. How nice of them… Not. The list | Read More »

    Day by Day Cartoon takes a shot at Erick Erickson. Wow. An ENTIRE CARTOON mocking a man for his comments is so much more classy than a “wow” in a sarcastic remark on Twitter, isn’t it? I would find this funny, but the hypocrisy that the cartoon writer has shown in that comic is just flat out absurd. He got angry with Erick Erickson for a remark on Twitter and he says it wasn’t | Read More »

    Obama endorses Palestinian demands for their own nation.

    President Obama is telling Israel that they need to withdraw and pull back to the borders they had in 1967 in order to allow the Palestinians to build their own nation. Israel can’t do that. Those borders, according to the Israelis, cannot be defended. Obama says that Israel is allowed to defend itself and that their right to defend themselves is very important, how kind | Read More »

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    Disabled Woman attacked at Town Hall.

    The woman stomped on Kimberly’s foot, causing her to scream in pain and collapse to the floor. The woman laughed at Kimberly and began mocking her by saying that Kimberly was faking it.

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    Local Political Action.

    Here are a few things I’ve been working on to try and get people to go Republican, and to get them interested in Republicans Issues.

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