Ted Cruz, Hillary and the meaning of #MSSEN

    Senator Ted Cruz’s appearance and call for an investigation into the Mississippi Senate GOP Primary race on Mark Levin’s show the other night; will come to represent what Mike Huckabee thought he was doing,  in his “This could be a Mount Carmel moment” interjection after then Congressman Akin inserted his political foot in his mouth in the 2012 Missouri senate race. It wasn’t such a | Read More »

    Door knocking for McDaniel

    Its been hot as heck the last several days in Jackson. Someone called and I drove down to knock doors in Rankin County. Right now, I’m waiting for the McDaniel bus to come through Flowood and the Lakeland Drive campaign headquarters for the 5:30 rally. The last several days have been interesting. I’ve been knocking off Lakeland Drive southeast of the Barnett Reservoir, just east | Read More »

    Memories of Eric Cantor

    Only two politicians have every utterly dissed me in life. John Kasich and Eric Cantor.  When I was much younger, I went to the SRLC in Biloxi, walking up the hotel, there was Cong. Kasich and someone else in shorts heading out for a jog, stopped at the flagpole in front of the host hotel, waiting on traffic to clear to cross the street and | Read More »

    The View from West Des Moines (Iowa 3) GOP Primary

    Great debate last night on KCCI here in Des Moines. Proud to be supporting Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz in the GOP primary. Matt has the Senate Conservatives Fund, Freedom works and Santorum endorsements. Tomm. night is the Senate debate ( Go Joni !) We are knocking doors in West Des Moines, Ankeny, Waukee.  The phone bank here in the headquarters is busy. Sorta | Read More »

    Arkansas 4th Congressional District Race 2014

    Considering that Erick has questioned Bruce Westerman’s credibility/character/fitness to serve in the past, I think its fair that the Redstate community consider Tommy Moll’s credibility….via Avik Roy’s National Review article As a Freedomworks SuperActivst from Arkansas 4 who was not consulted by Freedomworks before the endorsement. What Avik Roy states is completely in line with my experience.  In fact, I brought Dean Clancy, VP | Read More »