Jeff is running for Congress in South Carolina's Third Congressional District. Jeff Duncan is a 1988 graduate of Clemson University where he played football for two and a half years. He is currently the President and CEO of J. Duncan Associates, and Duncan & Co Auctioneers, a family owned South Carolina based real estate marketing and auction firm. Jeff was elected to the South Carolina House of Representatives in 2002, and was recently elected Chairman of the House Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs Committee. During the 2006-2008 Legislative Session, Jeff served as Chief Majority Party Whip in the South Carolina House. Jeff has been named a


    “Big Labor Takes Hold in South Carolina”

    “Big Labor Takes Hold in South Carolina” is a headline Democrats would love to see. “Right to Work” laws that empower workers and place restrictions on organized labor have created jobs by attracting companies like BMW and Boeing to make the Palmetto state their home. But what’s good for the people of South Carolina is not necessarily good for the big union bosses in Detroit | Read More »


    Hey guys, Who creates jobs? Depends on whom you ask.  If you’re asking Nancy Pelosi or the Obama Administration, they’ll tell you the government creates jobs.  If you were to ask the rest of us, we know small businesses are responsible for job creation. In the midst of the Great Recession, we need to do everything in our power to get Americans back to work. | Read More »

    Jeff Duncan (R nominee, SC-03): My hero…

    Hey guys, Limit government, lower taxes, reduce government spending.  These were three of the key principles of Reaganomics, principles that brought our country over 20 years of economic growth and prosperity. I strongly believe if our government will simply get out of the way and return to those principles, our economy will come rocketing back. Enough is enough! The American people are sick and tired | Read More »

    Jobs, Guns, Healthcare and Term Limits

    Hey Guys, Last night the voters of the Third District had a chance to see two distinct visions for our country.  We had a good, civil debate and I’d like to thank WYFF and the League of Women Voters for giving us the chance to get our message out on live television. After last night, one thing was made unmistakably clear.  There are major policy | Read More »

    Jeff Duncan (R nominee, SC-03): Time to Fight!!

    Hey guys, As you know all too well, the policies coming out of Washington impact us all.  Americans are sick and tired of all the spending, borrowing, bailouts, takeovers and debt that are mortgaging away our children’s future and destroying our way of life. I’m running for Congress because we need to change the direction our nation is headed, and that change begins with: ·      | Read More »

    Jeff Duncan (R nominee, SC-03) supporters cover district with letters to editor

    Hey guys, Over the last few weeks, individuals from all across the district have been writing positive letters supporting my campaign to be your next Congressman. Below are just a few highlights from the letters published in local newspapers. To read the full letters please visit my website here. “As a businessman, Jeff has learned to meet a payroll and balance a budget. He understands that | Read More »

    National Right to Life Endorsement

    Hey guys,Last Friday, I was honored to have earned the endorsement of the National Right To Life organization. In their letter, they noted my continued “commitment to renewing a culture of life” in South Carolina and beyond.  I am grateful for their support and I look forward to defending the sanctity of every human life in Congress. You can view their full endorsement letter below. | Read More »

    Duncan (Cand, SC3): Fighting Against Negative Attacks

    Hey guys, Over the past 16 months, we have worked hard to run a positive campaign based on the issues. This past week, our campaign, joined by local leaders from across the state, held events all over the district to talk about my ideas and my solutions for the challenges facing the families of South Carolina’s Third Congressional District. Unfortunately, my opponent, Mr. Cash chose | Read More »

    Jeff Duncan (Cand, SC3) is TEA Party Approved!!

    Hey guys, Since making the runoff 6 days ago our campaign has been picking up support from all across the district. I am happy to share with you the news that a fourth TEA Party organization in the district has endorsed our campaign. The Aiken County TEA Party joins the Aiken TEA Party Express, Aiken “We the People,” and the Laurens TEA Party in supporting our campaign to end | Read More »

    Jeff Duncan (Cand, SC3): I Believe

    As a Christian, Husband, Father and Small Business Owner, I know what I believe in. I Believe in God. Our nation was founded on Christian values and principles. I believe that life begins at conception. I believe traditional marriage is the foundation for society. And I believe that Washington will never be the solution to man’s problems, therefore we must reject the political correctness that | Read More »