Why Jindal is Right To Reject Medicaid Expansion

    Right now, the Louisiana Legislature is considering legislation to force Governor Jindal to accept the Medicaid expansion portion of Obamacare, and some Republican legislators are supporting it. While I may not agree with our governor 100 percent of the time, Gov. Jindal is 100 percent right in rejecting the expansion. Over time, the Medicaid expansion will impose a greater financial burden on Louisiana’s state government, | Read More »

    Big Candy’s Big Scheme

    Across the country, nothing is more important to Americans than jobs – whether it’s finding a job or keeping one. In my home state of Louisiana we have been dealt a series of setbacks; population and job losses occurred after hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the national economy tanked and then we suffered a devastating Gulf oil spill. So when a few big American food companies | Read More »


    Recess Appointments and the Balance of Powers

    Over the course of our Republic, presidents have often tested the limits of their constitutional power. Without the checks provided for in the Constitution our executive branch would easily have digested the other two long ago. But as long as the legislative and judicial branches invoke their constitutional responsibility, executive overreach is contained. When they fail to act, the balance of power is shifted and | Read More »