We the people of the United States…

    One of the numerous problems facing our nation today is that somewhere along the way our society forgot that it has a government of the people. I’ve met people who say: “I’m just not interested in the political world” or “I don’t think Christians should be involved in politics”. This state of mind is like a man who sits back and lets his car control | Read More »

    PERRY 2016!

    Dole, McCain, Romney. Need we nominate another liberal Republican before it occurs to us that moderates don’t win? The Campaign started Nov. 7th…   PERRY 2016 !!

    Newt is the only one left with Political Backbone.

    From the time Gov.Perry entered the race until Jan, 19th, the day he got out I was a staunch Perry Supporter. One of the many things I liked about him was that he was willing to stand up and call: Sin..Sin, Ponzi schemes..Ponzi schemes, and Treason..Treason. Now there are things I like about Sen.Santorum, but as a whole he is not a candidate I would | Read More »