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    Ala. Businesses Riled By State’s New Immigration Law : NPR

    Even before the law goes into effect, that wage pressure is being felt at A & P Farms in Gallant. Andy Kemp and his wife, Paula, farm about 15 acres, growing fresh fruits and vegetables they sell at seven farmers markets in the Birmingham area. “It’s a mess right now,” Andy Kemp said. Weeds are overtaking their sweet potato crop, and tomato vines are falling | Read More »

    When a choice is not a choice

    The thing I find so weird about some one proclaiming to be “Pro Choice” is that for all of the talk of standing up for a woman right chose they are usually against any other type of a “choice” option. Take for instance the desire among the left to institute the military draft. Where is the choice here? They would much rather unwilling males forced | Read More »

    No Surrender, No Retreat!!! ever again

    It is past time for the Republicans to stop surrendering, allowing, dealing, bipartisanship, and in anyway selling out !!!! There cannot be anything but victory in the fight ahead to repeal this monstrous bill. We must hold all the current and future elected Republicans accountable. It should not be about bring the “pork” home any more. We are now fighting for the future of America | Read More »

    If the health care bill passes and it is a BIG “IF” still

    but let me just suppose that God forbid it does pass and become a law. The taxes other unholy things are going to start being collected right away. Right? Will these moneys that are taken from go in to the same “lock box” as all those billions of Social Security payments make by works?  If they are going to guard the health care the way | Read More »

    The Emperor Nero and President Obama

    I was in college back in 1989 or 1990 and taking a class on public speaking. A fellow student of mine gave a short speech contrasting the moral decline of the Roman Empire and the moral decline of America. It was a short speech lasted only about 4 minutes but I remember many of the points still today, it is by this remembrance that I | Read More »

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