Obama Against the Left???

    When you consider the political events of the past week and the ridiculous outrage drummed up by the radical left in the aftermath of the Tucson shootings, any reasonable person can see how delusional these attacks are.  In fact, a recent Gallup poll clearly shows that a clear minority of this country are believing the recent outrage against conservatives and the Tea Party, even as the media does | Read More »

    Majority/Minority Leader Schumer?

    Now let’s not count our chickens before they hatch, but it seems as if Nevada is moving toward Sharon Angle heading into the weekend.  If as we all hope, Harry Reid is defeated on Tuesday several dominos are going to begin to fall. First, the Senate will probably be tilting in the 49-51 range and overall control may be up for grabs with West Virginia | Read More »

    In A Twist of Irony, Rs Need Castle To Be Write-In

    As Mike Castle considers a write-in candidacy for the Senate seat in Delaware, Republicans with any hope of winning the Delaware seat should cheer him on.  Yes, we who have (rightly) excoriated Lisa Murkowski in Alaska, should be praying that Castle jumps into the race.  “How can this be?” you may ask…it is pretty simple actually: 1) Christine O’Donnell, although well meaning, sincere, pleasant, and | Read More »

    Why Bayh Is Actually Retiring

    Erick’s recent post about the left bloggers is true, but Bayh’s hatred of the senate is not his primary reason for leaving. Bayh is very comfortable with a partisan environment and not as moderate as he would like people to think. He has a very liberal voting record for a senator from the red state of Indiana (yes 2008 was an anomaly). Bayh most likely | Read More »

    Obama/Me, Myself & I

    During his recent tour around the country, err….Ohio, after getting pummelled by the “independent” voters of Massachusetts, President Obama stopped for a rally in Elyria, OH.  His purpose there was to give a jobs speech as he pivots and tries to salvage his own presidency and the Democratic party he now leads.  However, a slight problem was uncovered by Americans for Prosperity.  What was purported as a “jobs speech” | Read More »