$5 for Saxby – Money Bomb Today!!!

    Today is the money Bomb Day. Everyone who possibly can should go here and give $5 to Saxby Chambliss. We need his vote in the Senate to stop a far left agenda from being rammed down our throats. His vote will be key in upholding any filibuster that we need and he faces a runnoff election on December 4. So all it takes is $5 | Read More »

    $5 for Saxby – Money Bomb on Saturday!! Greetings to my friends, family and extended family. Last week on November 4 we as conservatives and Republicans took a huge drubbing in the general and Presidential elections. Democrats now have a huge chance to reshape not only the political landscape but to affect the very way we live our lives. I am not trying to spread fear or to make people paranoid but | Read More »

    Regarding Bret Favre

    Ok I really have to get this off my chest about the whole Brett Favre situation. I am really tired of the Green Bay Packers being made out to be the villains here. I cannot count the number times I have heard ESPN commentators or radio hosts say “Why wouldn’t they want him back? He will make the team better.” You would think they, of | Read More »

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