A Staggering Failure of Reason

    The US under President Obama has assisted in the overthrow of Mubarak in Egypt and Qaddafi in Libya as civil unrest turned violent in those countries. Egypt and Libya. Both countries led by ruthless dictators – who nonetheless led stable countries that were friendly with the US. At the time, many commentators warned of replacing the devil you know with the Devil you don’t know. Mainly concerned | Read More »

    Perry’s Not A Racist, But Planned Parenthood Was Created To Kill Blacks in the Womb

      And some blacks are brainwashed into voting for Democrats. See how far a white Republican candidate gets with either of those last two statements. Herman Cain as a the Republican Nominee for President presents opportunities that we may never have again. He is unabashed at speaking straight to the heart of social conservatism. Yet he is best known for his fiscal strength. Never have | Read More »

    Antidote for Palin Conspiracy Theories: The Primaries?

    Father John Corapi is a powerful and dynamic conservative Priest. A staple of Catholic TV, Radio, publishing, and speaking tours; he has amassed a very loyal following.  He has likely saved many lives with his “freebasing cocaine with Rockstars to Catholic Priest” story.  He has long been a favorite of mine, because of the depth of analysis he brings to the issues of the faith | Read More »

    Call to Boycott the Speech. An Open Letter to President Obama – via – An Open Letter to Congress

    Dear Senators, Congressmen and Congresswomen, My open letter to you is that you all sign off on the following open letter to President Obama. The attacks on your constituents have gone to far. This administration is responsible for what it says. When this administration and this DNC  refuses to even mildly challenge the vile speech of their loyalists, they not only provide tacit approval, they solidify the belief that | Read More »

    Balm for Lineholder: Fighting the good fight, practicality, optimism, creativity

    Lineholder put together a beautiful diary reminding us all of the both the significance and the insignificance of our recent battles. She reminded us that the fight will be tedious and difficult and unrewarding at times, but that we are optimistic by nature and our optimism has borne fruit again and again.  That we have reason on our side and should use it to defend | Read More »

    Crack down on Ohio Mafia – Re. The Jordon Hit

    Oddly enough, two days ago, I made the following comment in response to a question about how Sherrod Brown ended up an Ohio Senator — As the story goes, Sherrod Brown was the beneficiary of rino tomfoolery. In 1992 the R establishment in Ohio wanted Mike Dewine to run for retiring Howard Metzenbaums senate seat in 1994, but staunchly conservative 6 term congressman, Bob McEwen | Read More »

    Did we just win?

    This pew poll was taken July 20-24. It shows a 15% decrease for Obama in the last two months among independents and a 10% decrease for Obama among all registered voters in the last two months. The dates would certainly seem to include voters initial take on the debt ceiling debate, but not the republican in-fighting of this week. The question is does this belie | Read More »

    Why do Republicans prefer billionaires to little old ladies?

    If I was a “moderate” by my definition of “moderate” that could very well have been the pressing question on my mind last night after having watched the President speak, and the Speaker respond. I assume that the vast majority of those we call moderate are are simply those people not overly concerned with politics, and whose opinions on the issues of the day have | Read More »

    SS “Trust Fund” Threat Should be End of Obama

    In response to Eric’s post yesterday I made the following comment, which was really more diary length than comment length. At issue was Obama’s threat to not send out SS checks vis-à-vis the Constitutional mandate not to default on the public debt. I would argue that if the SS “trust fund” was a “trust fund” in any true sense of the word, then SS payments | Read More »

    The “Truce is OK” Crowd Will Not Change Their Minds

    So it’s best to just stop trying. They’re not (general rule) social conservatives and that’s OK. But the lesson to be learned from these arguments is the further proof of why SOCIAL issues do matter. At heart, social issues are about a natural moral law, the natural moral law, like any natural law is about truth. When a social conservative sees a politician willing to | Read More »