I am an political speech writer living in Topeka, KS by way of San Francisco, France, New York and Ann Arbor.


    Reagan and Obama: How to Write a Campaign Speech if You’re a Fraud

    The heart of the political campaign is your claim to be a great leader. If you’re honest, writing the stump speech is simple; articulate the challenges confronting the community or country and explain how your ideas and skills will improve the lives of constituents. But what do you do if, when the cameras are gone, the auditorium empty and you’re all alone, you face the | Read More »

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    I Promise: Campaign Speechwrecker of the Day

    Today’s Speechwrecker is the following platitude: “If I am elected, I promise…” Like all political platitudes, “I promise…” is interpreted by the American voter as : “Rock-a-bye-baby on the tree top.” The campaign trail promise is soporific; it puts your audience to sleep. The expression trivializes what you are about to say. Voters have heard the expression so often it tells them you offer nothing | Read More »

    What the Romney Campaign Should Have Said

    Matt Rhoades, Romney’s clever campaign manager, responded to insinuations that the Republican presidential candidate is a felon: “President Obama’s campaign hit a new low today when one of its senior advisers made a reckless and unsubstantiated charge to reporters about Mitt Romney that was so over the top that it calls into question the integrity of their entire campaign,” Rhoades said. “President Obama ought to | Read More »

    Sick With Power: What Ron Paul Really Thinks of Ronald Reagan

      Ron Paul attacked Rick Perry today in an ad juxtaposing photos of a young Paul and Ronald Reagan, with snap-shots of the GOP frontrunner, Perry, in his days as campaign manager for the noxious and obnoxious Al Gore. As pictures of beloved American President Reagan flash across our screen, we hear: The establishment called him extreme and unelectable.  They said he was the wrong man for the job.  | Read More »

    “Though It Be Not Written Down, Yet Forget Not That I Am An Ass.”

    “Though it Be Not Written Down, Yet Forget Not That I Am An Ass.” Shakespeare.  Much Ado About Nothing. Having providentially stumbled across Evan Sayet’s Heritage Foundation Lecture, “How Modern Liberals Think,”  I realized something I should have understood years ago.  I don’t know anything.   Screenwriter Evan Sayet, once a true New York Liberal, heard his Leftist friends rejoice that America had, on 9-11, finally gotten her “comeuppance.” Horrified, he realized that his liberal | Read More »

    “Oh God, That I Were a Man, I Would Eat His Heart in the Marketplace!”

    “Oh God, That I Were a Man, I Would Eat His Heart In the Marketplace.”  Much Ado About Nothing  William Shakespeare When I am very angry, I take great solace in yelling these great words of Shakespeare.  And tonight I am angry, so angry at the GOP Representatives for betraying all they promised in 2010.  Though it makes little sense in our age to blame my gender for | Read More »

    Thank you Congressman Yoder!

    Thank you to Congressman Yoder! Yoder, Representative from Kansas, was one of the few who stayed true to his promises and voted against the Debt Ceiling Increase.   I owe his staff a few pizzas for putting up with my yelling!    

    Waking the Washington Zombies, Sarah Fills the Leadership Void. Again.

    Yesterday I sat at the computer in anguish watching Speaker of the House, John Boehner, the man who wept tears of determined repentance on Election Night 2010, now lurch through Congress chanting “Imhotep…Imhotep…Get in Step.”   At the head of the Compromise Zombie mob, he searched for the last Conservative House Members not trailing the mummified GOP modus operandi of surrender and spend. I never thought I would watch this horror flick again, that I would relive | Read More »

    Why Sarah Palin Will Be the Next President of the United States

    On Sunday, July 17th, I braved heat and Harry, (No disrespect to fellow fans!) and traveled to Independence Missouri to see The Undefeated, the documentary of Sarah Palin’s accomplishments as Governor in Alaska.  I left the theater certain of two things: Sarah will run in 2012 and she will win. What convinced me?  Two things:  The Palin Platform and 80%. The Undefeated chronicles the four areas upon which Governor | Read More »

    Lipstick 2012: It’s 1978…But I Can Feel 1980 Coming and This Is Reagan Country

    My beloved father grew up in Queens, New York in the 1930′s.  He often compared our “soft” life growing up in sunny San Jose, California in the late 1970′s to his own.  Dad, of course, walked three miles barefoot in the snow everyday to get to school, even though he only lived a mile from St. Matthias Parish. While I inherited dad’s Irish penchant for hyperbole, I don’t need this patrimony to paint a picture of life in the Age | Read More »