Chuck Devore responds to Demonsheep ad

    If you follow politics and have been on twitter in the last 12 hours you are probably aware of the epic fail that is Carly’s Demonsheep ad. Even though Chuck Devore was not the target of the ad, he has come out with a response: Chuck Devore says, “Never again.” Well he actually doesn’t say that but he does promise us a world free | Read More »

    Wierdest Political Ad Ever

    Jeez: I don’t know if this is true or serious, but it is strange. Anybody know if the allegations against Campbell are true?

    Schwarzenegger: Send Illegal Immigrant Prisoners to Mexico Since California is running such a large budget and has a highly overcrowded prison system, Governor Arnold decided to kill birds with one stone. The solution? Simple, build prisons in Mexico to house criminals who are undocumented immigrants. Maybe it is just me, but this idea seems like it was thought up really early in the morning after drinking a ton of beers. Your | Read More »

    Snyder stepping down

    When it rains it pours for the Dems: Stu Rothenberg confirmed it soon after: This comes on the heels of a recent poll that showed Snyder getting smashed by former US attorney Tim Griffin. I would like to see how Pelosi and Van Hollen try to spin this developement. Everybody should get used to saying Speaker before Boehner’s first name.

    Coakley’s own interals have her down to Brown!!!

    To quote Moe Lane, “DOOOOMMMM!!!!” The only arguement now is by how much she will lose by on Tuesday. I’m saying less than double digits but not by much if this Brownmentum keeps up.