All The Wrong Reasons

    The talking heads and putative conservative pundits have it very wrong. A palpable fear of Donald Trump becoming the Republican nominee consumes the media from left to right. Fox host and debate moderator Megyn Kelly’s first question to Donald Trump “You’ve called women you don’t like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. On your Twitter account, your Twitter account has several disparaging comments about | Read More »

    Its not about Mittens

    Really, if you think about it, ONE delegate will not change history.  It doesn’t change the running count in any significant manner, and frankly it’s effect is limited and about moot at this point. But the the ability of the Michigan Republicans to trust leadership is at risk right now.  In fact, if one was to place an ear to the ground, they would hear | Read More »

    Fox News and Now …?

    Politics can sometimes be amusing. In an attempt to lighten it up for a bit, I wanted to highlight an oops found over at a major news outlet. Over the years I have marveled at how the super fast moving news network Fox News could have so many misspellings, wrong story and title mismatches, so imagine my major yawn when I found this picture. (H/T | Read More »

    Detroit Michigan RIP

    Wanted to pass along this obituary from  just in case no one was paying attention. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news folks, she was a fine Gal. Detroit Is Dead. Detroit, Michigan, The “motor city”,  jewel of the mid-west, manufacturing magnet, and dominator of automotive excellence for multiple decades passed of cancer during the night. She was 310 years old. Born in | Read More »

    Media Whipped Republicans

    And now conservatives? The first three supposed ‘victims’ of Cain’s as yet unexplained dalliances were enough to titillate media whores into a tizzy.  For obvious reasons, supporters of other Republican primary candidates rubbed their hands and secretly wish for it to play out (and quickly) with Cain ending his campaign and fading into the Georgia sunset. How convenient that would be. But Herman had the | Read More »

    The Traverse City Neck Tie

    OK the certificate  has been presented, and the issue presumably over.  It still doesn’t stop those who are supposed to be discovering these things from taking a parting shot at those who would DARE ask the questions to make it over. You may have heard of the “Columbian neck tie?” Our local newspaper, the Traverse City Record Eagle, wears its own tolerance of free speech | Read More »

    The Bluff

    The day after the Vinson ruling, it became very clear to me that this entire process has been planned.  Thomas Crown’s piece fronted by Moe Lane today, reinforces my belief that a severability clause that should be found in legislation of such magnitude was purposefully absent. After that ruling, I wrote: Folks watching the slow motion train wreck known as the health care bill have | Read More »

    Happy Birthday Mr President.

    No politician that I am aware, has elicited the fondness from both sides of the political spectrum as Ronald Reagan. Often, the praise exhibited by those on the left is that which describes him as a President who got along and compromised with Democrats. And often, the praise from the right is that which recognizes his stalwart conservatism. To be sure he was solidly conservative. | Read More »

    Michigan’s Glenn Wilson Thanks Democrats For Contribution

    We have reported on the mailers sent out and the Michigan Democrat Party taking advantage of the independent candidate Glenn Wilson’s position as spoiler in the MI CD1 race.  In a somewhat interesting twist..  Independent spoiler candidate Glenn Wilson thanks the Democrats for spending PAC money on his behalf.  The Wilson Campaign released this: “The Glenn Wilson campaign would like to thank the Michigan Democratic | Read More »

    CD1 – Don’t Be Fooled

    To my Tea Partying friends. If ever there was a time to break out the thinking cap, it is now. Obviously we want limited government, we want the restoration of power to the people and not politicians. We are concerned that Washington is not listening to us, and that government has grown too large and cumbersome. There is no doubt where most of us stand… | Read More »