Where Are the Swift Boaters?

    By this time in 2004, the Kerry campaign was starting to come unwound, thanks in large part to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. By raising some ugly truths from Senator Kerry’s past, the Swift Boaters and their advertising shifted the tide of the ’04 Presidential campaign. John McCain needs just such a shift now. And it’s not like there’s no material. If John Kerry, | Read More »

    One-Sided Coverage of Palin

    Sarah Palin has an 80% approval rating in Alaska. How hard are CNN reporters having to work to only find the 20% that disapprove and interview them? I saw a Gary Tuchman piece on tonight. He talked to two or three people in some remote village and they all responded negatively toward Palin. It really looked like Gary had traveled day and night to reach | Read More »

    How Would a Romney VP Pick Look Now?

    I like Sarah Palin. Selecting her as running mate was a bold move and paid initial dividends. There could more payoff from that pick in the coming weeks – particularly after the VP debate. Given the current economic crisis, however; a Mitt Romney pick could have turned a perceived McCain weakness into a major strength for the ticket. Romney has the proven financial expertise that | Read More »

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