Retired Corporate executive having held the positions of General Manager, Vice President of Operations and Chief Operating Officer. I have held these positions in the following industries: Chemicals and Plastics, Durable Goods, Electronics, Textiles, and Steel. Currently semi-retired and living in Arlington, TX where I consult part-time on Lean Manufacturing principles.


    This Sounds Crazy

    I’m not a conspiracy theory person, but I just read on Breitbart that there were 13 million FEWER votes than 4 years ago.  In fact, McCain got more votes in 2008 than Obama in 2012!  Does that make sense to anyone?  I understand the lower votes for Obama, but to me — there should have been 13 million more votes…..for Romney!  If there were in | Read More »

    The Trump Birth Certificate

    Donald Trump made a big deal about releasing his Birth Certificate today.  However, the MSM is making a big deal about how it’s not really his actual long form birth certificate.  To which I say …….EXACTLY! Was this action by The Donald as intentionally brilliant as I think it is?…… Consider this an open thread

    I Talked to my New Texas Rep — You Can Too

    You can’t leave action to others.  If you want results, you need to get off your rear end and get in the fight.  Today, I did that.  I called my new Republican Texas State Representative, Barbara Nash, to urge her not to vote for Joe Straus as Speaker.  I never expected to actually talk to her so I wasn’t surprised when I got voice mail.  | Read More »

    Joe Straus is Working Hard to Court New Members

    After reading Drew Ryun’s post today on Joe Straus, I went to the Lake Fork Tea Party link for more info.  I saw that my newly elected Representative. Barbara Nash’s name was on the list so I called it.  Turned out, it was her personal cell phone.  She didn’t answer so I left a message.  The message I left was to apprise her of my | Read More »

    Are Republicans Agreeing to Confirm Robert Chatigny

    Politico reports this morning that a deal is imminent for the Republicans to agree to approve of 34 of 38 of President Obama’s pending judicial nominations excepting only Goodwin Liu, Edward Chen, Louis Butler, and John McConnell. I guess that means that the Republicans are caving on the appointment of Robert Chatigny. Redstate readers should be very familiar with Judge Chatigny due to numerous postings | Read More »

    Upton Gets House Energy Chair

    Fox News and Politico Reportthis evening that Fred Upton has won selection as the new Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.  Congressman Upton was energetically opposed for this post by RedState, Freedom Works, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck among many others in the conservative community. Fred Upton has the strong support of Speaker-to-be Boehner for this post. This is the first significant break by | Read More »

    Why I Left California

    I moved from Orange County, California to Oklahoma in 2003 and I’m never going back. Jobs were fleeing California back in 2003 due to the incompetentness of Gray Davis and I saw the handwriting on the wall.  Already evident back then was the coming growth in taxes, spending, energy costs and the corresponding loss in manufacturing jobs to the the tax and regulatory burden.  Also | Read More »

    We All Still Need to Vote

    Open thread… Just got back from voting…..and the polling place was NOT crowded.  This does not give me the warm fuzzies.  I hope this is an aberration (I’m in Texas).  But if we don’t vote today, we will NOT close the deal.  We must win and we must win big or the message will not be received.  We suspect – fear – know that voter | Read More »

    Uh Oh, Matt Lauer Has Copy of W’s Book

    What could go wrong?  Matt Lauer revealed on Leno tonight that he has an advance copy of George W. Bush’s new book in advance of an interview scheduled for November 8.  Even though Lauer was required to sign a secrecy agreement, this is NBC after all.  Wonder how many other news people have advance copies of his book because of scheduled interviews for the week | Read More »

    Obama’s GOTV Effort

    In 2008 I signed up with Obama’s website and still get the OFA emails (about 3/day now).  Today’s email claims that early voting in Ohio and Iowa has seen a higher Democrat turnout than Republican.  Anyone have any news on this?  Or is just spin? Sure would be good to know if the RNC or the state Republican Parties had a good turnout operation going.

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