Why Do Pundits Assume TeaPartiers Support Dem Financial Reform Bill?

It seems that most Political pundits assume that the country hates Wall Street and therefore supports the Democrats Financial Reform Bill.  Today on Morning Joe, even Joe Scarborough said he thought this bill would have the support from many in the Tea Party.  Republican Senators also seem worried about being on the wrong side of public opinion and want to make a deal and move on as quick as possible.

Once again, the press and our “leaders” just don’t get it.  The Tea Party and public outrage is mainly about infringements on the Constitution and too much government power.  Yet this bill gives HUGE new powers to the Federal Government.  They can assume control of almost any company for almost any reason.  This is Fascism!  Where are the voices speaking up against this bill?  Where is the polling?  Mitch McConnell has got to go!.  We need to elect enough true conservatives in 2010 to replace McConnell as Republican Senate Leader.

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