Obama’s nationwide speech tonight….Here comes the Boom!

    I recently had to have surgery, and being a nurse myself, the relationship between the patient and the medical professionals becomes somewhat more informal. As I lay in the operating room, the anesthesiologist asked me to breathe in the “oxygen” and I said, “that’s not oxygen,” she said, “you’re right,” I said, “here comes the boom!” Last thing I remember was a roar of laughter, | Read More »

    300 Million Guns Vs. America’s Illegal Aliens

    I looked up on the internet, “How many guns are in the US?” The answer came back as 300 million. I actually think it is higher than that given that statistic seems to be based on the background checks after 1998. It does not account for guns that have been heir loomed within families. Isoroku Yamamoto, Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War | Read More »

    Aluminum Foil Hat Time: Is it just me, or is the internet getting dramatically slower?

    Yes, I know, JimmyGee take off that damn foil hat! Please hear me out. Recently, the government reclassified the internet as a “utility.” Now they can add all sorts of user taxes, and regulate the living crap out of it. After all, regulation (and taxes) are the ONLY things the government excels at! Since this reclassification, I have noticed dramatically slower internet speeds. Search times are taking much longer, as | Read More »

    Gay Rights: We will be made to not only care, but to watch

    Eric has coined the phrase regarding gay rights as, “being made to care.” That has proven to be very true. But that is not enough. In the media, all sorts of programming has homosexual relationships being acted out on our television screens. In the show “How to get away with Murder,” there is a male central character that seems to always have a scene where he | Read More »

    So who will start a GoFundMe for Christians?

    Recently, a GoFundMe account was shut down by “Social Justice Warriors” that was taking donations for a Christian bakery, Sweet Cakes. They have been hit with a perposterous $135,000 fine for not making a wedding cake for a homsexual couple’s “wedding”! Last I checked, before the account was closed by GoFundMe, they had about $110,000 that would have gone towards the fine. I have come to believe | Read More »

    I am a number 2 pencil

    I am a number 2 pencil. I am a classic. I have been used to fill in the circles on standardized tests. I have done countless hours of homework, and letters to Grandma. I have been used, by the Russians, to write in space. (NASA, by default, found me too low tech. So they spent millions designing a pen that will write inverted, and in zero-gravity). I | Read More »

    Will the real leaders please step-up

    About two months ago, the GOP took over both the House of Representatives and the Senate. After they finished patting themselves on the back at the rout they delivered to the Democrats, both houses re-elected their leaders, Congressman Boehner and . There was some minor resistance to them being re-elected, but it was token resistance at best. Those of us that live out side the | Read More »

    An open letter to Jeb Bush

    To Jeb Bush, It is one thing to actually be a one-percenter, be born choking on a diamond encrusted, gold plated, spoon. But those alone do not make you President. It is comforting for you to know that when you were born, your life was all planned out; the right schools, the right friends, the right jobs, the right cars, boats, vacation homes, but they do not | Read More »

    Obama is a Master Gamer

    I was reading in Drudge how Obama’s recent unconstitutional executive order allowing immigration amnesty for illegal immigrants is starting to play out. Many of those illegal immigrants will be able to apply for the earned income tax credit, also they may be able to get refunds for the past three years, all from our friendly IRS.  There is also a loophole potentially allowing them to | Read More »

    RED ALERT: I knew this was going to happen

    This is just coming in, and I am not a lawyer, and I have no idea how they can do this, but at about 9:30 pm CST the AP was reporting that the U.S. Supreme Court suspended the Wisconsin voter ID law! The interesting thing is that the Wisconsin voter ID law is essentially the same as the Indiana law which was ruled as constitutional | Read More »