An Open Letter to Mitt Romney

Dear Mitt,
With all due respect, you are not my favorite candidate. But you were able to obliterate the competition using negative TV ads. So while you are not my favorite nominee, you know how to run TV ads very effectively. Your presenting Obama’s failed green energy program by hosting a press conference outside Solyndra while David Axelrod is getting his butt handed to him at the same time in Boston was a master stroke. Choosing Paul Ryan was a brilliant move. I am from Wisconsin, and I was at the Welcome Home to Paul Ryan in Waukesha Wisconsin. In case you didn’t know this, it took us an hour to get from the exit ramp off the expressway to the expo center! And that was with maybe 6 hours notice of the event.
I am confused. You have to know that the press is going to do everything in their power to destroy you. Your press release on the situation in the Middle East is proof of that. There is no longer any pretense that the mainstream media is completely in the bag for Obama. From the primary, it is clear, as I said before, you know how to run an effective ad campaign. So, what the hell gives? You go on Meet the Press, the den of vipers that it is, and say that you like parts of Obamacare? Really? What were you thinking?
Obama in his infinite incompetence has given you a cornucopia of issues you can attack him on in near real time! All in the past week! Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy is in shambles. An American Ambassador was tortured and murdered, along with three others, two of them Navy Seals. If that is not enough, Obama threw Hillary under the bus by saying that Hillary was in charge of Embassy security, not him.
Then we have Ben “Shake your Money Tree” Bernanke literally printing forty billion dollars a month indefinitely in a QE3. Because of that action, the United States credit is downgraded once again in the same year.
And what TV ads to we get from you? None, nada, zip, zero! You are sitting on hundreds of millions of dollars, and we get crickets. Where is the Mitt Romney that drove me crazy destroying the candidates that I did like? Where is he? Please tell me that you are not turning into a John “RINO” McCain! We all know how well he did.
You need to not only attack, you need to react quickly. And the attack ads do not have to be negative, they can be educational, in that they point out Obama’s failures in pretty much everything he does. You have to contrast what you would do about a given circumstance.
In short, you need to engage! The fighter in you won the primary, now is not the time to put him away.

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