On November 6th, the mainstream media is dead

    You don’t know it yet, but your days are numbered.  You have until November 6th when you will draw your last desperate gasp of air.  Your heart will begin to race as it feverishly fights to find more oxygen so it can continue to beat.  But there will be no more.  You, as an industry are done.  ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, New York | Read More »

    What I learned from last night’s debate

    As my teenage stepdaughter says to me when she does not like what she hears,”Oh My God!”  In feigned desperation.  My desperation was not feigned, it was real,  It was adult.  I was listening to the debate as I was driving home in my beat-up KIA, after a particularly important, yet mind-numbing mircobiology class, after having worked all day.  Ryan is a wonk, an econ-geek. | Read More »

    An Open Letter to Rodger Goodell

    Who am I kidding, as if you care? You clearly don’t care about the “Integrity of the Game.” Don’t even go there. Right now your precious meme, “Integrity of the Game” is in a flaming heap! You don’t care about the safety of the players. And what is most troubling, it is clear that you don’t care about the season. What do you care about | Read More »

    An Open Letter to Mitt Romney

    Dear Mitt, With all due respect, you are not my favorite candidate. But you were able to obliterate the competition using negative TV ads. So while you are not my favorite nominee, you know how to run TV ads very effectively. Your presenting Obama’s failed green energy program by hosting a press conference outside Solyndra while David Axelrod is getting his butt handed to him | Read More »

    Mitch McConnell keeps pushing his face into opponent’s fists – Part 2. (Or: Winners never quit, Losers quit before they start)

    Let me be real clear, and blunt.  Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is a LOSER!  Yesterday, I wrote about his being on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, about as friendly a Sunday Morning talk show there is, and Senator Mitch McConnell proved to all watching what a complete blithering idiot he is.  I went on to say that his performance on FNS proved that | Read More »

    Mitch MCConnell keeps pushing his face into his opponent’s fists!

    I watched with horror the alleged “leader” of the GOP in the Senate on Fox News Sunday, Senator Mitch McConnell. I now understand why the Senate GOP is so adrift.  Mitch McConnell was not on Meet the Press, or Face the Nation where he would have a hostile liberal talking head drill him.  No, he had Chris Wallace.  Mr. Wallace can direct tough questions to | Read More »

    A fantastic piece on the Wisconsin Recall vote

    I wish I could write like Eric, Moe, or Repairman Jack.  But alas, I am a mere mortal…LOL!  And I will always find a typo or grammatical error AFTER I post my piece.  I live in Wisconsin, and I must say that it feels like a HUGE weight has been lifted off my (and every Scott Walker supporters) shoulder.  In many ways it did feel | Read More »

    Really? Romney could win?

    As I has stated in several of my posts, I am no fan of Romney.  Would he be better than Obama, of course, and twice on Sundays!  But I just read a article about how the GOP is just realizing that Romney could indeed win.  Wow!  Really?  The GOP just got the memo?  Did they just stick their heads out from their bunker and come | Read More »

    Israel, Iran, the Free-World’s weakest leader, and World War III

    Now that the Supreme Court drama is over (for now), I present to you the next of Obama’s many failed policies.  If it occurs sometime between April and September, as I expect it will, it bring Obama’s Presidency to his knees. I am talking about what I believe is the upcoming attack by Israel on Iran.  I have read that Israel has cancelled the upcoming | Read More »

    What happens if ObamaCare passes?

    Everyone, or most everyone, seems to think that at least the ObamaCare mandate will be struck down by the Supreme Court.  What if it isn’t?  What if ObamaCare remains intact?  How will the country react?  I believe with the arrogance of this President, he will be a poor winner, and gloat.  I also believe that it many ways it would be a gift to the | Read More »