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Male, born: 08/11/1962, Michigander (Socialist utopia of Wayne county), former IT professional, charming and personable ;-) I ran on the Republican ticket a few times (old, out of date, campaign site: here) and some of my older Articles are online via this link, un-published book info (I really should dedicate time to that, it grows less relevant as time goes by), and (of course) online here via this "My Diaries" link or musings at: Rattle With Us - MI Tea Party. I've pounded the pavement for myself and other Candidates/Causes.... I've worked at the Phone banks... I put my money where my mouth is (donations to Conservative Candidates/Causes) as well as having donated my Time... I THINK, THEREFORE I AM CONSERVATIVE! Here are some Recommended Diaries/Topics for you to consider reviewing as well as Election Issues recap [with categorized links] (since in 2010 & 2012 we are dealing with, basically, the same issues (Spending, Debt, Deficit, Balanced Budget Amend., etc and the New "Contract" = "Contrast for America") Democrats never let anything get solved and repeat the same old/tired race baiting, Class-warfare, fraud, pretending to be somewhat Conservative to hide their Socialist true beliefs, expanded Blue-ism concerns, etc) As always, Regards from JLenardDetroit from "NoMoTown (The MOTORless CITY)"
"Remember, Liberals - looking to do for America, what they've done to Detroit. - Destroy it!"
"I think, therefore I am Conservative"
"Conservative by choice, Republican by necessity"
"The more things 'hope and change' the more they stay the same"

"You can lead Liberals to the Truth (Facts), but you cannot make them THINK!"
"Romney [No, not my first choice] does NOT have a MORMON problem. He has a, far too many Americans; these days; are MORONS problem!"
closing quotes attributable to (me) JLenardDetroit Additional Closing thoughts: remember: Obama LIES and your Bank Account will Die! (4/15 Truthers) Heil "O" Hell No Obamao is NOT MY PRESIDENT! "No U won't" I want "O" to FAIL (here, here, & whole Diary (Ofail) here, is why) "The first Liberal was Satan" - a Rush caller (other Quotes) God Bless and Take Care all.


    NY doesn’t matter… NY never mattered…

    NY does NOT matter… Despite the delusional state of Trump supporters, NY will remain a Blue State in November… What matters is… #PresidentialRace #Polls #Delegates #EC #SwingStates (updated 4/20): Ted Cruz in the CNN Townhall finally said something very important that I’ve been screaming about for awhile. The NATIONAL POLLS DON’T MATTER! He didn’t say, but I always remind people, POTUS is NOT Elected by | Read More »

    The infamous Rule 40B

    OK, we keep hearing so much about Rule 40B. <br? 40B sez you must have Majority of Delegates (which should not be confused with the % of the Vote any Candidate gets in a State – Ted Cruz is the only one thus far to get 50%+ in any State, but that is not what matters) from at least 8 States to qualify to have | Read More »

    Liberal Donald again espouses the Left-wing notion of what a Conservative is

    DT’s (who I think is a PLINO, still supports Planned Parenthood, and doesn’t understand that 95% of ProLife people wouldn’t go as far as he did with his latest Abortion comments about punishing Women, again bcuz he’s a CINO/PLINO/RINO and doesn’t understand ProLife or Conservative people) latest bumbling and fumbling and need to FlipFlip/BackPeddle, this time, on Abortion has again brought the questions to the | Read More »

    Should there be stepped up Police presence in Muslim neighborhoods?

    Regarding Ted Cruz and his suggested Policy to re-introduced stepped up interaction with, in, and around, Muslim Neighborhoods… Like many things that the Left-wing MSM tries to belittle Conservative positions/policies, Ted (we) need to turn the issue somewhat back on the Left. My response: “You know that those on the Left, as has happened in Houston and elsewhere, are demanding stepped up ‘surveillance’ of Christian | Read More »

    #FlintWaterCrisis goes National with DC hearings

    The #FlintWaterFiasco goes on and the Left continues to deflect… It is now a National issue with Democrat POTUS Candidates trying to use it for the usual #RaceBaiting and other opportunities to LIE. So that you can be informed if it comes up in discussions, no matter where you reside, here are the details…. Fact 1: Regardless of any other “facts” surrounding the reasons why | Read More »

    Trump continues to LIE about Trump U rating with BBB

    #‎LyinTrump‬ at it again… This time on ‪#‎FoxNewsSunday‬ (3/13) regarding ‪#‎TrumpUniversity‬… I covered it the night of the last FOX ‪#‎GOPDebate‬ when he tried to pull this, and it appears we need to cover it again… Trump has endlessly boasted about his use within the Law to be a sucessful Businessman (including H1B Visas, Bankruptcy, Licensing, Tax Dodges, Eminent Domain, etc) to game the system | Read More »

    Trump: Tariffs, Trade, and a new Recession/Depression?

    #‎Trump‬: ‪#‎Tariffs‬, ‪#‎TradeWars‬, a new Depression, and ‪#‎TouchbackAmnesty‬…. ‪#‎DETAILSMATTER‬, explain them to people…. Trump and the promise of the Tariff/Trade War he’d create if allowed to get his way, that will drag America down from Obama’s WRECKovery into a full-blown Economic Depression… We need someone in the MSM to have the BRAINS to ask (or Ted Cruz to challenge) Donald. You’re for Tariffs, how about | Read More »

    Trump, like Obama, did these things called “books”

    Dear Trump supporters: The problem with Donald (and you) is the same as it was with Obama (and his supporters). Like Obama, Donald HAS WRITTEN BOOKS and he’s said certain things in those books! He, like Obama, has told us Who he is, What he is, and exactly how he operates! In 2000 (A year before Bush 43 took Office) Donald wrote about Saddam and | Read More »

    #DemDebate tonight in Flint Michigan

    The #FlintWaterFiasco goes on and the Left continues to deflect… Fact 1: Regardless of any other “facts” surrounding the reasons why Flint switched to the Flint River – it was the Flint Water Department that failed to properly clean and treat the water that created the crisis of Lead leeching from the pipes! (undeniable/indisputable) Period! (Why is no-one demanding all Communications be released between the | Read More »

    Time has come to change the First In The Nation Primary contest locations

    The time is long past due to change where the ‪#‎FITN‬ Primary contests are held! Why? It’s simple. Reality dictates that Presidential Elections really come down to the half-dozen, or so, Purple/Swing States! Therefore, we should be concerning ourselves with who it is that those Battleground States think is the best nominee in order to win those States and thereby the Election(s)! Put those States | Read More »