Romney doesn’t have the delegates to win a first ballot nomination

    His current national polling average is about 32% right now. If he wins all the winner take all states and gets only roughly 30% of the rest, he’s about 130 short. There aren’t enough super delegates to close that gO even if they all broke his way. It is no longer good enough for Mitt to win. He has to win with majorities or else | Read More »

    Turns Out RomneyCare Really Was A Democrat.

    Mitt Romney’s 1992 Democratic Primary vote for Paul Tsongas — a technocratic modernizer and reformer, but very much a Democrat — raised some Republican eyebrows last week. What hasn’t been mentioned: Romney’s vote formally enrolled him in the Democratic Party. Wow. And here’s an image of him registering in 1976 as an independent, not in the party his own father ran for President in.   | Read More »

    Where Is the Bounty on The Mitt Romney Sex Scandal?

    The ObamaRomneyCare campaign has put a bounty on further scandalizing Speaker Gingrich in a series of cheap scandals by offering a bounty of $1.6m for a dpcument dump. From Newt Gingrich’s Freddie Mac contract raises more questions than answers. His secrecy about his lobbying for Freddie Mac is troubling. No amount of bluster will hide the fact that Newt had his hand in Freddie | Read More »

    GOP’s Path Back

    A lot of soul searching in the Republican party lately. And there should be. First, full disclosure: I’m not a conservative. I’m a ticket-splitter. So, you all can take this with the appropriate number of grains of salt if you like. If you think it’s rough being a conservative now, or a liberal in 2002, you should try being neither. It’s been a rough life. | Read More »