Is the Supercommittee Constitutional?

    I believe Rep. Ron Paul is correct about the unconstitutionality of the debt-limit supercommittee, although I found his particular reasons for saying so a little hazy. Normally, and quite naturally,

    How to Save NASA

    It is tragic that America, the nation that 41 years ago became the first (and for the time being, still the only) nation to put a man on the moon,

    Why We Are Losing And Will Continue To Lose

    I came across this posting by Daniel Foster at NRO, under the heading “Coburn Class”: “Sen. Tom Coburn (R., Okla.) defended House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from personal attacks at a

    Book Notes: Liberal Fascism, Chapter 2

    At the outset this diary, I wish to state clearly and emphatically that I am not calling anyone in modern-day America Nazis (excluding actual self-proclaimed Nazis). I realize that calling

    Thoughts on “A Message to Garcia”

    As I read this essay, I noted when the author wrote: “And this incapacity for independent action, this moral stupidity, this infirmity of the will, this unwillingness to cheerfully catch

    A Magnificent, Glorious, Soul-Stirring Moment

    In National Review’s July 6, 2009 issue (and currently posted on NRO as well),  John Derbyshire describes the 1969 moon landing as a “magnificent folly,” and later describes it as

    Bush, Nancy, and RBDS

    I would like to reply to a comment that Moe Lane made under the comments section of the “Nancy. Knew” diary he wrote last Friday.  We were going around in circles,

    Requisites for Obtaining An Hororary from a “Catholic” University

    By carefully analyzing the the qualifications of our esteemed Chief Executive and his Vice Chief Executive, I’ve determined following are the requisites for being singled out for special recognition by

    A Letter to Our Republican Representatives

    The clock is ticking, and the hour is late.  Can’t you see that?    Don’t you understand what Barak Obama and the Democrats in Congress are trying to do?  Don’t


    Thoughts on David Frum

    From his latest Newsweek artile, I glean that Mr. Frum is vying for the highly coveted Strange New Respect award the Left periodically hands out to conservatives who are willing