Fox News, Channel Your Inner NPR

After looking at this clip from Fox News Sunday, I believe NPR did the right thing, if only for the wrong reason.   It’s time for Fox news to take a page from the NPR playbook and hand Juan Williams a bookend sacking to go along with his NPR firing from last year.  Inventing vicious, savage libel about your own country is taking just about the lowest of low roads, and despicable is too mild a term for it.  No credible news organization should peddle such intellectual rot as serious political commentary.   If Fox News can not come up with a better political foil for Charles and Bill, they should simply leave Juan’s chair empty.  Such a move would produce far less vacuous and offensive commentary than Juan has to offer.

It is also high time to start openly and forcefully challenging these people when they peddle such blatant lies.  Jaun should have been called out and thoroughly denounced the moment his bogus allegations left his lips.  Savage libel masquerarding as high minded principles must be directly and forcefully denounced whenever it is encountered.   That, and not collegiality, should be the concern of the talking heads on the right.

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