Is Obama throwing the election?

    Well, it was like watching a really bad boxer or a boxer throwing the fight. That thought has been rattling around my head all afternoon. It’s almost as if he ran not expecting to get the nomination, then couldn’t really “opt out”. This would be one way to get that done. We really can’t be seeing someone throw the Presidential election, can we? Hopefully, it’s | Read More »

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    Let me introduce you to “The One”

    It’s an eight year old guitar phenom named Tallan Latz. When he was four, he saw a Joe Satriani video and told his parents that’s what he wanted to do. His parents gave him an acoustic guitar and then, for his fifth birthday, one of the birthday present options was an electric guitar. He passed on the remote controlled boat and went electric. He’s been | Read More »

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    Someone needs to say it… Hey Neil! Nice job!

    Thanks for all the hard work the last week or two making Redstate 3.0 useable. I’m seeing conversations starting back up, the recommended list seems to be more normal now, and we don’t appear to be clogging up the server. Job nicely done, although I know you’re still going to be working on things. Commenting rules on this blog are: 1 – This is NOT | Read More »

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    Not the Reality in Iraq Obama knew

    Fred Kagan, Kim Kagan, and Jack Keane of The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday about The New Reality in Iraq, via After reading it, I decided to see how Senator Obama’s newly changed stance on Iraq matches up with their view of the situation there. As things seem to get scrubbed off the Obama website, this will be time sensitive and relevant only until | Read More »