I'm a twenty-one year old college student from North Florida, who recently joined the vast right-wing conspiracy to help fight against the even vaster left-wing conspiracy.


    What if it were China’s oil spill?

    Anytime I watch or read the news, I always ask myself, “What if George Bush had done that?” or “What if Rush Limbaugh had said that?” Well, this morning, I was reading an AP report about Rand Paul claiming that Obama’s criticism of BP was “really un-American”. I read this story right after I read the story about the Dalai Lama claiming that he was | Read More »

    So was America ready for a black president?

    So was America ready for a black president? Yes…well some more than others. As one might come to expect, conservative wingnuts stripped sheets off their beds and went parading through the streets with their guns at their hips shouting racial epitaphs. In fact, one even burned a cross on the White House lawn. If you read any of the articles pouring from the addled minds | Read More »

    Are Conservatives Willing to go to Jail for Justice?

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    Twitter and the Conservative Movement

    If you’re reading this, then no doubt you know the profound impact the blogs, such as Red State, have had on politics and political movements. Blogs have allowed the individual to broadcast their lives to many different people who would otherwise not take notice. The website Twitter is often ridiculed in my circle of friends but they do not understand the value of it. Like | Read More »

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    Without Tea Leaves, All You Have is Just Plain Water

    The Republican Party needs the tea parties, whether or not they want to admit it. My biggest complaint of the GOP for the last several years is that you can’t distinguish them from big government, tax and spend, let’s micromanage your lives liberals. The 2010 election cycle has a promising difference from elections of late: the tea parties. People like Charlie Crist or Dede Scozzafava | Read More »

    The Environmental Conservative

    If you listened to the Left, you would think that just because conservatives have the audacity to question the authenticity of manmade Global Warming and oppose measures such as cap and tax or other ‘green’ initiatives, then the Right “hates” the environment.  Like with many liberal arguments, it could not be further than the truth. I like to keep an open mind about things, so | Read More »