10 questions for an Obama voter

    We’ve been asking economics students who support Obama a few questions. Here they are, with a representative sample of the answers: Did you support NAFTA and CAFTA? “Yes.” Do you support the Columbia Free Trade Agreement? “Sure.” Do you support the South Korea Free Trade Agreement? “Yeah.” Do you support increasing tariffs on Chinese goods? “No.” Do you support farm subsidies? “No.” Do you support | Read More »

    Tonight’s fortune cookie predicts victory

    “Fight for it. You will come out on the top.”

    New Hampshire GOTV: A great story

    The Republican base is angry but they are in no mood to punish their party now. They’re determined to defend the America they love. A few days ago, while going door-to-door for McCain-Palin in New Hampshire, I met a man who was worried about the future of our country. He was worried about Barack Obama’s plans to raise taxes, and he was none too pleased | Read More »

    Trivia blast from the past

    Do you know the answer? No Googling allowed. In that case, “personality” will definitively have triumphed over “issues,” and the transformation of the Presidency of the United States into the presidency of the student council will be complete.


    Promoted from diaries. How… interesting. – Moe Lane Yesterday speaking at a rally in Cleveland, Barack Obama thanked Rev. Otis Moss III, the incumbent pastor at Trinity United Church of Christ and successor to Jeremiah Wright! Fast-forward to 5:37 – “And also, a great friend and one of the wisest men I know. Please give a big round of applause to Reverend Otis Moss!” This | Read More »

    Obama quotes Chairman Mao?

    I don’t know Rob Boyce, but kudos to him for spotting the possible true source of Obama’s “righteous wind” refrain. Boyce cites Google Books: The Ill Wind of Opportunism is Falling, the Righteous Wind of Socialism Is on the Rise” Get out the vote, RedStaters. If we don’t turn some more states Red, we’ll be reading from Little Red Books.

    New Hampshire GOTV: What a weekend!

    Lots of door-knocking and phone-calling in New Hampshire this weekend to get out the vote. There are McCain-Palin signs everywhere, even southern NH. The sign people have done a terrific job. The Obama folks decided to give New Hampshire a try, after all–they must know they are in trouble. We saw them working one of the same neighborhoods as us and waved a friendly hello. | Read More »

    Millions of Joes can save America

    From, a South African political blog: The American idea is in danger. The vision of limited government and unlimited opportunity that the United States cherished long after other nations succumbed to the false temptations of socialism is hours away from execution. It is being killed by a vain radicalism that lost the political and ideological battles of the Cold War but has returned in | Read More »

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    Is the LA Times covering for Daley?

    Most people have overlooked the fact that Sen Barack Obama wasn’t the only guest at Rashid Khalidi’s farewell. The guest list included Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, who would surely be embarrassed by the release of the tape of the event currently being held by the L.A. Times. The fact that the L.A. newspaper is owned by the Tribune Company of Chicago is of more than | Read More »

    New Hampshire GOTV: The beast, unleashed

    The New Hampshire GOTV is up and running! And it is awesome. I have never seen more enthusiasm in a political campaign than I’m seeing in New England right now. At call centers, you can’t get a spare seat or a free telephone. Students are piling into vans from all over the region. The Democrats? They’re busing their people to Ohio. Either they’re supremely overconfident | Read More »