Why the media leans that way

We hear it all the time. The Media is a left-leaning collection of reporters and commentators who have completely invested their jobs in the liberal ideology. But have you ever stopped to think why that is?

I am a trained journalist. I have a degree and everything. Just to get right down to it, it really begins at that point. You know the old saying “Those who can’t, teach?” It’s usually pretty unfair to educators in general, but with the rare exception, I’ve found it to be pretty damn accurate among journalism professors.

You see, objectivity is what gets preached to us. It is shoved down our throats day in and day out. God forbid that you show even the slightest hint of an opinion in your writing as you get sent through a journalism program. Your entire story is thrown out.

…But, when it comes to the lectures, it is impossible for these professors not to espouse their views, whether they know it or not. God knows how many columns I wrote that one of my professors would call me out on in class. Keep in mind I said “column” right there. It wasn’t supposed to be an unbiased piece, but because I called Barack Obama a rockstar with little hint of experience, I was suddenly a terrible journalist. That lecture was a long one.

There are those who get sculpted by their teachers in this manner. It is not that they are trained to hate Republicans and Conservatism, it is just that they were taught to report a certain way. There were times I really thought about changing my major because I was so irritated at the idea that my teachers could not practice what they preached and that my classmates were unable to discern the difference between objectivity and what we were being taught.

So, I ask that when you become enraged at the bias found in the media, have pity on them. It is, more often than not, nurture overriding nature.

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