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    The Annual Pardon

    The crowd gathered before the White House, screaming for the president of the United States to come out. He did so dressed in the traditional toga with a crown of laurels upon his head. Behind him, the Secret Service were holding two turkeys. “Which one should I release to you,” the president asked his nation. The crowds screamed “Give us Barabbas!” “Are you sure? He | Read More »

    The Democrat’s Double-Edged Nuke

    By now, everyone’s heard that the Democrats, led by Harry Reid (who as noted was against this just eight years ago), have pulled the trigger on the so-called “nuclear option,” which is a re-write of Senate rules that allows for judicial (non-SCOTUS) nominees to be passed through the Senate by a simple majority. Republican (and even some Democrats) are outraged, but I see it as | Read More »

    Rand Paul on the Government Shutdown

    “Well, I said throughout the whole battle that shutting down the government was a dumb idea. Even though it did appear as if I was participating in it, I said it was a dumb idea. And the reason I voted for it, though, is that it’s a conundrum. Here’s the conundrum. We have a $17 trillion debt and people at home tell me you can’t | Read More »

    LA-05 and Engaging the Establishment

    On Saturday, there was an election in Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District to replace Rodney Alexander, who retired earlier in the year and was immediately offered a job in the state government. Alexander, on most conservative scorecards, was the lowest-ranked Republican in the state’s delegation. This is largely due to the fact that Alexander was a Democrat-turned-Republican, a move he made at the last second before | Read More »

    The Lessons of Early November

    With the smoke clearing from last week’s elections, it’s important to go back through and make sense of the chaos. Yes, most of these points have been made, but I’ll also wager we as a community haven’t properly addressed what they could mean one year from now and three years from now. There was a notable Republican victory and a notable Republican loss last week. | Read More »

    Moderates aren’t really into peace-and-love Republicanism

    Via: This is most telling because of what it means for the Republicans who have been negotiating with themselves and trying to find a middle ground: It’s not freaking working. What the GOP will take away from this (if they’re paying attention and I’m not even sure if they are anymore) is that they have to negotiate more. To them, it’s still Ted Cruz’s | Read More »

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    The New Bitter Clingers

    We all remember the quote nearly by heart, don’t we? “And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” And if you forgot it, there it is. Along with it is that offended feeling you got when you first | Read More »

    Louisiana Senate Races Loses “Toss-Up” Designation

    I put up a post a while back marking the race for Mary Landrieu’s (LA-D) Senate seat a toss-up, which showed some popularity in the idea of replacing Landrieu with someone else. Currently, the leader in the “Someone Else” category is Bill Cassidy, who is currently a Republican Congressman from the Baton Rouge area. Cassidy is the classic establishment pick, a yes man for GOP | Read More »

    2016 and Cruz: Should we?

    A lot of Republicans griped that the shutdown took away from their idea of the story to harp, on, the failed rollout of the site. Once again, the establishment would rather let people suffer than try to help them, which is possibly the exact opposite of what governing should be. It is only through the efforts of Ted Cruz and Mike Lee that a | Read More »

    Their Biggest Fear

    In his first major speech since the deal was signed (I have no idea why the media is putting it that way because it was signed mere hours before the president gave his speech), the president gave a lot of familiar talking points. He said the brinkmanship has to end, that negotiations need to actually happen and that this shutdown did unnecessary damage to the | Read More »