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    The Left is outraged over actors in political ads

    [ Promoted from the Diaries. Also, I just wanted to note, this is the same party that once used a little girl in an ad that threatened a nuclear apocalypse if Goldwater were to win. -AG ] Americans For Prosperity is coming under fire for an ad they ran in Louisiana depicting the harmful effects of the Affordable Care Act on the people of Louisiana. It’s an | Read More »

    Rough among the Diamonds

    Promoted from the Diaries You know the phrase “a diamond in the rough?” It’s simple – amid all the ugliness, there is one beautiful thing that stands out. It’s a romantic phrase, but consider it’s reversal, a tinge of ugliness hidden among all the beauty. Such is the case of the story of Wendy Davis, who is running as a Democrat for governor of Texas. | Read More »

    The 2016 GOP Bench

    The 2016 GOP Bench

    Promoted from the diaries – Aaron Gardner This is based on conversations with a few professionals in the conservative circles and my own observations. This is in no way a final prediction, just a look at the present field. Also, this has been updated to include information from Erick’s post regarding Joe Scarborough. Like Erick said, the bench is deep, and while he doesn’t want | Read More »

    A Culture of Self-Defeat

    As a note before I get into this subject, I realize just how quickly some readers will think I am comparing the plight of aspects of White America with aspects of Black America. The two have much different stories, but there is an identity among certain groups in both that are extremely similar. This post touches on that identity and the problems it causes personal | Read More »

    Aunt Samantha, the Wet Nurse

    Earlier today, the Congressional Budget Office released a report on the effect the Affordable Care Act is going to have on the economy. It’s not the rosy picture we were told by the president – not even close. By now, you’ve heard the stats (stats so damning, the Washington Post buried them four and five paragraphs into their take on it earlier today). 2.5 million | Read More »

    Gawker, BuzzFeed, and the Outrage of the PC Crowd

    In a recent interview, Jerry Seinfeld said that he doesn’t care what race a comedian is – if you’re funny, he likes you. If you’re not funny, well you’re not on his radar, probably. I’m of course paraphrasing a bit, but the overall idea is that race, gender, etc. shouldn’t matter in the world of comedy (it doesn’t). However, there was (of course) the outrage | Read More »

    Jobs vs. Careers: Lowering Standards

    The president, Democrats, Republicans, and everyone in between like to talk about creating jobs. There are too many unemployed. Millions are affected by the crisis of a few years ago. And, politicians do whatever they can to make the magic happen, as it were. Granted, government can’t exactly create jobs, though the folks in D.C. like to claim they can, but certainly, laws can be | Read More »

    How many of us are Dorian Gray?

    “Live! Live the wonderful life that is in you! Let nothing be lost upon you. Be always searching for new sensations. Be afraid of nothing.”  -Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray That quote is really all there is to say about this day and age. Many people have chosen to live by this creed and, with it, have spiraled further and further into hedonism and, | Read More »

    National Review’s hit piece on Matt Bevin

    You can call it whatever you like, but the fact remains that this piece was written solely for Mitch McConnell’s benefit. Let’s put it this way: It’s not the kind of rhetoric you’d expect to hear from an insurgent primary candidate running to Mitch McConnell’s right. “We have way too much partisanship in Washington,” Matt Bevin told a Republican audience in Hardin County, Ky., on | Read More »

    Listen to the Moneytalk in Louisiana

    There are a couple different points to make here, and it’s a set of points that, when connected, paint an interesting picture in the upcoming Senate race here in the state. Mary Landrieu’s grasp on the state is slipping, thanks in no small part to Barack Obama (a sincere thanks from me and my family, Mr. President), and the rise of now three Republican candidates | Read More »