Ethanol is for Idiots

    Maybe this has been covered.    If so, here it comes again.   Who are the idiots that voted for ethanol subsidies and would the people in those states PLEASE vote them out of office?    Thank you! Here’s my problem.   I fill up with 10% ethanol.   I’m taxed to pay for this expensive additive, so hopefully, it does something for me.  Nope. | Read More »

    Stepping back from moralism

    I’ve often wondered just how tied to religion the Republican base is.  When moral issues come up, it certainly seems to be a very high percentage of the makeup. One of the problems, however, is that our other argument is the Constitution. For instance, the possession and use of a naturally growing plant (apparently created by God) gets more and more strange the more one | Read More »

    Contract With America II

    If not now, when?   It is about to be the 16th anniversary of CWA.     This is an unedited idea I posted on American Solutions way back before I realized it was just a book selling website for Newt.    Needs some work now, but thought I’d see how it flies before refining it again.Solution Overview Thereafter, within the first 100 days of | Read More »

    Universal Spiritual Care

    I’ve been thinking on this awhile and I believe I have been wrong.   The government isn’t doing too much, it’s not doing enough.   It has occurred to me that there are tens of millions of people in serious danger of going to hell and many more that are simply not getting the spiritual care that they need.   What we need in this | Read More »

    Lessons from Honduras for the Supreme Court

    For those of you who haven’t been following the amazing events in Honduras, allow me to sum up. President Zelaya befriends Hugo Chavez.  Zelaya picks up and likes the idea of extending his presidency beyond his one term limit.  One problem.  Constitution says even talking about it out loud causes any public figure to instantly lose his job for 10 years.   Including the president. | Read More »

    The Problems with Single Payer

    Never mind Obama Care, the chances of it passing are rather slim.  Why?  Single-payer.   This is the end game of both the administration and its somewhat confused and anxious followers.   The true liberals in the Democratic Party are uneasy that Obama Care is essentially a gift of up to 47 million uninsured to the insurance companies and a back door “if it were | Read More »

    What ever happened to the states’ rights argument?

    Missing in the entire health care debate (and most others) is that any nationalized healthcare system is somewhere between partly to entirely unconstitutional *at the federal level*.   It does not mean that individual states cannot come up with creative ways of improving healthcare quality and affordability within their boundaries. When Social Security first came about, it was clearly unconstitutional, but judges caved to the | Read More »

    The Definition of Patriotism (or lack thereof)

    I’ve seen many a Republican fail epically when tossing around the word unpatriotic, only to be unable to defend the use of it.   Invariably, unpatriotic is equated with being unAmerican.  But even Democrats are American, sort of.  Flag-waving isn’t the same as patriotism.   Wearing a flag on your lapel does not make you a patriot.   It may remind people that you’re pro | Read More »

    Ode to Mark Kilmer

    Mark was my cousin.   We were almost exactly one year apart, both ‘scorpios’.   We grew up just a half an hour a part in the same county.    We we both the first born and our mothers were sisters, twin sisters many people had assumed because they were so much alike.   We were basically the same size even, which is to say, | Read More »

    The Medicare/Social Security Conundrum

    We’ve got a small public relations problem, folks.   As it turns out, most conservatives and Republicans don’t know how to answer a seemingly simple question – “are you against Social Security and Medicare?”    Say ‘no’ and you’re a ‘socialist’ and Democrat supporter.   Say ‘yes’ and you risk alienating every living older American voter.   The very question makes most conservatives sputter or | Read More »