John W. Egan is a co-founder and principal at Workforce Innovations, a Maryland-based management / organization development consulting firm. He works with companies throughout the United States to design and facilitate leadership development development workshops and strategic planning retreats. He combines a broad business background with an organization development expertise to help organizations leverage their human resources potential to achieve competitive advantages. He is a frequent speaker at leadership conferences and is currently working on his first book, tentatively titled: Right-Brained Leadership.


    Unions – To Serve and Protect Whom?

    One of the important take-aways of the Freddie Gray tragedy and the Baltimore riots is the expanded awareness that, while the police union does believe in the mission to “serve and protect” the public – their first priority is to serve and protect their members.  For example, by union contract in Baltimore, police have 10 days before they must answer questions regarding incidents like the | Read More »

    Free Speech and Liberal Hypocrisy

    Regarding the Texas shootings over the Mohammed drawings, liberals have made hypocrisy into an art form. In the past two days, many liberals (including in the media) stepped up to declare that while they support free speech, creating an event to antagonize Moslems is inappropriate at best and provocative at worst. While they may be right, liberals remained silent when “artist” Serrano placed a crucifix | Read More »

    Time Magazine’s Anti-Christian Bias on Display

    Over the years I have grown accustomed to the liberal bias in Time Magazine’s news reporting and learned to read their articles with a grain of salt. I used to save articles where their bias was particularly egregious but needed to stop when the offending articles began to dominate space in my file cabinet. However, Time editors outdid themselves in their March 3rd edition in | Read More »