One More 2012 Post-Mortem Will Be Hangover III

    I had a pleasant conversation with Alex Smith on my radio show Monday night.  She articulately laid out the case for the CRNC’s polling and focus groups which were done after the 2012 elections.  I make no argument that youth voter outreach is among many development areas we face.  The process and conclusions were spot on. I would, however, submit that it’s not what you | Read More »

    The Next Michele Bachmann

    And, rest assured, there will be more. By that I mean a strong national (female, natch) GOP figure who hits on most if not all cylinders of what we know as conservatism. She’s also going to step on a lot of toes along the way.  She’ll be an outspoken tea party defender, and call anyone, regardless of party affiliation, on the carpet when it breaches | Read More »

    Starving and Freezing So Others Might Be Hippies

    I agreed to roast the corn at this past weekend’s neighborhood holiday block party if my neighbor bought it. Well, actually he offered to buy it because he insisted it be non-GMO.    This was on the eve of the Monsanto march thing, so I roll with it since my job is the same. I can indulge a hippie in this instance and it hurts | Read More »

    McConnell and Immigration Reform: Chicken and Waffles

    First, I want to add my name to the list of those who resent being painted as anti-immigrant or anti-immigration reform just because we don’t support the damaged “Gang of 8″ bill being fast tracked by the Schumer-McCain wing of the Senate, the bill that is taking both the name and credibility of Marco Rubio for a ride.  Daniel Horowitz nails it in his RedState | Read More »

    Concern Over EW Jackson

    In the words of a great man, “There you go again.” EW Jackson scored a stunning victory for the GOP nomination for Lieutenant Governor at Virginia’s state convention Saturday.  His grassroots support sustained itself through four votes, some drama and misdirection on the part of his rivals’ supporters, and even the sotto voce “I like him but I’m concerned about who he’s surrounded with.” Already there are | Read More »

    Did Sanford Exorcise The Ghosts of Akin And Mourdock?

    Even before the usual suspects on the other side took to painting the entire GOP as depraved for standing idly by as Mark Sanford coasted to victory Tuesday, the smart set on our side was uttering eerily similar caveats and misgivings.  If Sanford lost, the momentum was fatal, and the die was cast for doom in 2014.  If Sanford won, we’d lose in 2014 because | Read More »

    How I Spent My First Year In “The Movement”

    I’m in my early 50s.  One year ago I started a streaming conservative talk site called  It began inauspiciously enough as a solo Saturday morning live podcast on my patio.  My neighbor overheard my early effort and asked me afterward “Are you doing a talk radio broadcast?”  My silent rejoinder was, “If you have to ask, it probably did not sound like one.” A | Read More »

    The Takeaway on Toomey-Manchin

    Well, actually, there are two takeaways.  The second has to do with the unstoppable force of conservatives coalescing around principled, winning issues, but I’ll discuss that later. The governing class (and its sycophant beltway scribes) thrive on slapping designer labels on awful legislation.  Kennedy, Feingold, McCain, and, natch, even Feinstein would have to be on that list. Much of it skates by on eponymous reputation. | Read More »

    Update on Benjamin Backer

    Benjamin Backer, if you need to be reminded, is a 15 year old high school freshman in Appleton, Wisconsin who was and still is extremely active politically.  He worked on behalf of the Scott Walker campaign and the fight against his recall, as well as the Romney/Ryan campaign and state and local candidates.  He was rewarded with a trip to the Romney “victory” party on | Read More »

    Reversing the Jim DeMint Effect

    When Jim DeMint left the Senate – I like to say he was drummed out – I struggled to see the silver lining. He was a dogged and relentless fighter for conservatism in the Senate and no doubt paved the way for the likes of Rand Paul, Macro Rubio, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Ron Johnson, and others who took up his cause. But we lost | Read More »