Update on Benjamin Backer

Union Hate Machine Doubles Down On Young Wisconsin Conservative

Benjamin Backer, if you need to be reminded, is a 15 year old high school freshman in Appleton, Wisconsin who was and still is extremely active politically.  He worked on behalf of the Scott Walker campaign and the fight against his recall, as well as the Romney/Ryan campaign and state and local candidates.  He was rewarded with a trip to the Romney “victory” party on election night, and was nothing less than a celebrity at CPAC this year, in anticipation of his Townhall.com piece on the brutal political bullying he endures in his public school system.

Despite rules to the contrary, union teachers dating back to middle school when he was 10 pounced on him for his conservative activism.  He detailed this in Townhall, as well as his mixed results in pushing back on teachers, principals, and administrators.

For better or for worse, it hit the fan going into his Easter holiday week, meaning he was out of school in the days that followed his article’s publication. So he got to lay low…for a while.  In the meantime, he racked up appearances on big and small talk venues.  And that got attention in good and bad places.

On Thursday he appeared with Bruce Carroll on the Gay Patriot Report on The405radio.com.  As you might expect, Benji reports the vitriol got worse and not better when school was again in session this week.  Although he’s a national hero in conservative circles, he told Bruce that his teachers, and now students and parents, have piled on.

The union hate machine in Wisconsin has cranked up the heat on Benji Backer.

If you were in his corner a week or two ago, you really need to bring your A game now.  The afterglow of all his new twitter followers is no match for students gossiping and trash talking him, prank phone calls, threats, and parents who call him and tell him he’s a ****ing psychopath and a bag of **** and a freak.  He reports much of the school is against him, and finds himself on both ends of restraining orders.

I’ve known Benji for some time and I can tell you he fights the good fight and would probably say he can handle this, but this has sunk to new lows and he needs you, his friends with big soapboxes and microphones.

Get back in the fight and do the right thing for Benjamin Backer.

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