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    Why Conservatives Might Consider Voting For Hillary (Edited for clarity)

    [Editor’s update: No. ] Hillary Clinton’s policies are as big-government and socialist as any Democrat considering a run for the White House in 2016, but conservatives might want to consider voting for her.  She’s got a lot to answer for concerning American deaths in Benghazi and other scandals she refuses to talk about, but Hillary may be just the President conservatives need to save the | Read More »

    America Must Cut Class

    The concept of “class” is counter to the tenets of a free society.  In the past two centuries America has achieved significant progress towards economic, social and racial equality and recognition of the value of individuals based upon their specific identity.  Though imperfect and in need of continued effort, this progress is evidence of the value of the nation’s founding principles, among them the freedom | Read More »

    A Simple Case For Impeachment of Barack Obama

    The fundamental duty of the President of the United States is to enforce the law.  The executive branch is the only segment of the federal government with the resources and authority to implement and enforce federal laws applicable to individual citizens and businesses (actions in contempt of Congress notwithstanding).  When a President intentionally fails to enforce the law, that President has failed at his primary duty and | Read More »

    Three Steps To Fundamentally Change America

    Each time there’s a national election we hear a lot of talk about change.  Given current all-time low approval ratings for the House, Senate and President, you’d think voters would implement a lot of change via the ballot box.  But they don’t.  The vast majority of voters just keep punching the party ticket and send back to Washington the same corrupt and/or incompetent hucksters that earned those | Read More »

    Should The U.S. Outlaw Islam?

    Religious violence is on the rise on every continent on the globe.  The vast majority of it has been instigated in the name of Islam by extremists who profess to follow its true teachings.  If terrorism, torture and murder are, indeed, the true teachings of Islam, should America outlaw Islam? Defenders of Islam say that nonbelievers have Islam all wrong – it’s a religion of peace.  They say that Islamic terrorists don’t reflect the true teachings of | Read More »

    Campaign Reform Needed To Return #VotersRights

    Nowhere in the Constitution or in the writings and speeches of America’s founding fathers is there talk of “government by the corporations, for the special interests and of those who raise a lot of money.”  Yet, for the most part that’s what we have in Washington, DC and in many state capitols today.  Weak and inherently corrupt campaign finance laws favor incumbents and candidates who | Read More »

    Winning The Guerilla War Against Big Government

    All doubt that Barack Obama and his Democrat Party are now at war with the American people has been erased.  Obama and his followers openly refer to “enemies” on a regular basis – including political opponents, conservative groups, and news organizations.  Every one of his policies has had the opposite effect that he advertised it would.  Federal debt and unemployment are up.  The number of | Read More »

    Why The National Guard Is Not A Militia

    The political Left in America is trying to change 200 years of written history by saying that the right to bear arms is so that citizens can hunt for food (false) and be a member of a “militia” called the National Guard (also false).  These arguments are simply intended to support restrictions on private gun ownership and the ultimate leftist goal of total confiscation of | Read More »

    Obama’s Legacy – One Thing

    In the 1991 film “City Slickers,” hard-as-nails trail boss Curly Washburn (Jack Palance)  shared with rookie cowpoke Mitch Robbins (Billy Crystal) that a person’s life comes down to just “one thing.”  For those who seek the limelight and benefits of elected public service, one thing is all that many will be known for – good or bad.  George Washington, who certainly accomplished a lot in | Read More »

    Restoring America’s Fiscal Health

    They say, “feed a cold, starve a fever.”  That might be the best advice to move towards restoring America’s fiscal health.  Spending is out of control.  The President and Congress are exceeding their Constitutional limitations as they pander to special interests that keep them in power.  Something’s got to be done to fix the situation – and soon – or America will slip into an | Read More »