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    How To Restore The Rule Of Law In America

    Conservatives face an uphill battle to regain Constitutional government in America.  Over the past 50 years, observant conservatives have learned a few things about liberals and their political tactics, but unfortunately most of that knowledge has not been employed effectively on the field of political battle.  Nit-pickers with single issue, litmus test agendas and false conservatives (such as RINO’s) have through their negligence, ineptness or | Read More »

    “Obama, Why Do You Need My Healthcare?”

    America’s founding fathers wrote about the danger of government having the power to permit something because that power also gives government the right to deny it.  In the Constitution, individual liberties are identified and declared not to be permitted by government, but instead they are bestowed upon everyone at birth by a Higher Power.  Whether you call that power God, Nature or anything else, individual | Read More »

    Why Democrats Will Never Run Another White, Male, Heterosexual Presidential Candidate

    Democrats have discovered a political shield as effective as the testudo (“turtle”) and phalanx battle formations employed by Roman legions and Greek armies.  Although not nearly as heroic, this tactic is politically impenetrable and we’re likely to see it used by Democrats for a long time.  The political shield is simply this: place minorities in power positions and when their policies are criticized, label that | Read More »

    Why Barack Obama Is Afraid Of Americans With Guns

    Not much is known about President Barack Obama other than his record in public office and general facts about his early years.  He has redacted, partially by Executive Order, records relating to how he lived during his most formative years – from his teens until he emerges as a candidate for state-wide office in Illinois.  Snippets of documentation reveal that he attended schools in Hawaii, | Read More »

    Crap Is Hitting The Fan Across America

    The United States government is in the process of creating “perfect storm” conditions that will increase the amount of violent crime across the country.  More than any other factor, government policies are creating a more dangerous America while at the same time making it more difficult for law abiding citizens to protect themselves.  In other words, the crap is hitting the fan. A recent example | Read More »

    A Day In The Life Of An Oppressed Minority

    I’ve never considered myself oppressed, but after reading the liberal rhetoric about how minorities are discriminated against on a daily basis, I decided to look at a day in my own life to see if perhaps I’ve inadvertently joined their ranks.  I’m definitely against oppression.  If I’m oppressing anyone, or being oppressed, I want to do something about it! I typically start the day with | Read More »


    Why “The Rich” Are Easy Targets For The Democrats

    Despots typically rise to power by demonizing a minority of the population in the eyes of the voting majority.  Hitler used the Communists and the Jews, Soviets the decadent West, Pol Pot the intellectuals, and jihadists the infidel.  Like the school-yard bully, the despot picks an easy target that most people generally don’t like and that few will defend.  The Democrat Party now employs this | Read More »

    Gun Advocates: You Can’t Have It Both Ways

    Gun advocates – before you lock, load and acquire a center mass sight picture on my avatar, let me say that I’m also a gun owner and a strong advocate of 2nd Amendment rights.  But I’m finding that those wanting to learn more about the value of guns in home and personal defense are sometimes confused by language used on both sides of the 2nd | Read More »

    Obama’s Three Point Fiscal Cliff Plan Now Available

    The U.S. economy sits on the edge of a fiscal cliff.  After meeting with House GOP leaders and failing to sway them to adopt his short term economic plan, President Obama has embarked on a speaking tour to sell his plan to the people.  The fact that the people he’s talking to have no vote in the House or Senate regarding his plan appears to | Read More »

    A Qualification Exam For Senators and Representatives Seeking Re-Election (Humor)

    NOTE:  The Humor-Impaired Need Not Read Any Further Let’s face it – America needs term limits for Senators and Representatives as much as it does the President.  Why term limits for these rascals were not included in the Constitution is a mystery to me.  But given that periodic elections ARE in the Constitution, here is my short Incumbent Qualification Exam for those elected guys and gals | Read More »