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    Medieval America: A Nation On The Brink Of Revolution

    There is a real and visible disconnection between the American people and its leaders.  It’s as if they live in separate universes, the latter snug in luxury accommodations paid for with the labor of the former.  While thousands of hurricane victims suffer with no electricity, the President plays golf.  While many elderly struggle to live within the simple means provided by an endangered Social Security | Read More »

    Three Step Prescription To Restore America’s Fiscal Health

    They say, “feed a cold, starve a fever.”  This might be the best advice America could take to restore its fiscal health.  America’s politicians are deathly ill with spending fever and they’re infecting the rest of the nation with it.  The only viable solution is to starve that fever and here is my three point prescription plan to make that happen.  If Congress and the President | Read More »

    The New American Revolution Has Begun

    The first shot of the New American Revolution has been fired.  It wasn’t the re-election of Barack Obama or the cover-up or scandal involving _________________ (fill in the blank, there are so many to choose from right now).  The first shot was simply the blatant election fraud that made the 2012 elections, and the American electoral process, dysfunctional and ultimately invalid.  This fraud has stripped | Read More »

    How Liberals Will Ride The GOP Horse Until It Drops

    Recently I was listening to a radio interview with an author discussing his new book.  In it, he describes a socialist plan for the future of America.  Products and services would be provided by government controlled cooperatives rather than businesses.  Everyone would benefit by producing according to their abilities and receiving according to their needs.  Classic Marxism per “The Communist Manifesto” and “Das Kapital.” How | Read More »

    Wearing Condoms At Work And Other Results Of The 2012 Election

    Voting in an election is much like taking a survey.  The voter pulls the lever, presses the button, fills in the oval, or punches the chad to indicate their personal preferences relating to a candidate, cause or political direction.  The individual vote eventually gets lost in bottom line tabulation of total votes cast, but the prevailing majority determines the winner and sets the agenda. In the | Read More »

    Why America Needs More Armed Citizens

    Officially, military chaplains and other “non-combatants” in war zones don’t carry firearms.  In practice, however, many often do, citing the widely accepted need to protect themselves from “renegades and wild animals.”  Fortunately for chaplains who choose not to carry a weapon, they are usually in the company of armed combatants  capable of protecting them from enemy forces, renegades and any other dangers that exist in the | Read More »

    “It’s The Message, Stupid…”

    There are two highly diverse messages being presented in the 2012 presidential campaigns. Democrats: – We don’t need no stinking budget – The rich should pay for everything – Individual accomplishment isn’t real, we’re all connected (as a Zen Buddhist, I take issue with this one, it’s a misapplication of the concept) – Government should take over more businesses – Congress isn’t necessary to make laws | Read More »

    Is America Strong Enough To Save Itself?

    Americans are strong and generous.  Whenever there have been global conflicts or natural disasters, the USA is front and center with manpower, supplies and cash to provide relief to victims or the oppressed.  No other nation provides the level of global charitable giving that America has both the capacity and the will to provide to those in need.  But is America strong enough and willing | Read More »

    Romney-Ryan 2012: Don’t Get Hung Up On The Facts

    We’re off and running with Obama/Biden vs. Romney/Ryan for the 2012 presidential election.  Given the cast of characters, this three month journey promises to be a wild ride filled with exciting twists, turns, scandals and crap so bizarre there is no way to predict it. On one side, we have Mitt Romney, an accomplished corporate manager and former governor with the people skills necessary to | Read More »

    President Obama’s Monumental Success

    Anyone in business – especially if they work in sales – knows that it’s almost impossible to sell a product unless there is demand for it.  Sometimes a fast talking salesman can create demand with a slick story, sometimes the demand results from availability of new technology or introduction of a needed invention.  Successful businesses identify demands and supply products and services to satisfy them.  Policitians know the dynamic of supply and demand, | Read More »