Your Resolution? Right… to a point.

    Mike Reagan, the elder son of the late President Ronald Reagan, has offered up a New Year’s Resolution for “fellow Republicans“. He recommends this resolution “for his fellow Conservatives” (yes, that’s Big-C-Conservatives) as the means “for saving our country”. In it, he resolves “to find those issues and ties that bind us as Republicans rather than revert to the internal attacks that will set back | Read More »

    Body Blows to the Country, to Capitalism, and to Conservativism

    I doubt that the actions of the Bush Administration, Treasury Secretary Paulson, the Senate, and the House in the past couple of weeks mark the death of American Capitalism. The capitalist drive is strong in Americans as a whole and individually. I don’t doubt that their actions have severely harmed that system, however. The fact that the Government has acquired a controlling interest in Fannie, | Read More »

    Only a Matter of Principle?

    I’ll be the first to admit that I do not hold a Ph.Genius in economics. I have had mixed feelings about the proposed bailout, like so many other conservatives. Some who are far more knowledgable about economics – really brilliant people, like Bernanke and Paulson – have told us that this is a real crisis, and that the only entity with the resources, clout, and | Read More »

    The Power of Words

    The language we use is important. Not everyone thinks so – we’re often careless with our words (especially in the electronic world with a hastily composed email or instant message). We hurry to say what we want to say, and expect people to either understand what we really meant or to give us a chance to explain if they misunderstand. Like children on a playground, | Read More »

    Grading Palin… and grading us?

    I was struck this morning by a comment made in passing that really shows a central problem in how the Left and the MSM (OK, so that’s the same thing) think of everyone that isn’t, well, the Left or the MSM (or a D.C. insider, Blue State resident, or Hollywood “expert” like Matt Damon). I was listening to N.P.R’s Morning Edition to see what the | Read More »