John Woodman is interested in answers -- both to questions of national importance, and to the problems that we face as a society. He is perhaps best known on the internet for his comprehensive, fair evaluation of the claims of the birther movement. This began with a thorough investigation of the numerous claims of evidence that President Barack Obama's birth certificate was a forgery, and the definitive book on the subject: "Is Barack Obama's Birth Certificate a Fraud? A Computer Guy Examines the Evidence for Forgery." John followed that up with a full examination of the legal, Constitutional and historical meaning of the phrase "natural born citizen." This content, which represents the equivalent of a second book, is freely available via In both instances, John fully investigated the many claims of the birther movement -- and found them to be without merit. In addition to his writing, John has spent 20 years as a problem-solving computer professional in varying capacities — programming, consulting, designing and building software (both for the US government and for private industry), networking, etc. John lives with his family in Springfield, Missouri. He and his wife have six children.