The case about marijuana

    Today we see all over the news about “medical marijuana”, and all these studies touting the benefits of it. Those of you familiar with history also knows they tried the

    What 3% can do

    Throughout the history of the US, there has always been a small minority of people stepping up to right the wrongs bestowed up on them by some far away power.

    End goals of gun control

    Since the end of WWII, those on the left have recognized the evils of war and guns, and have continuously and methodically stripped American citizens of their Constitutional Rights by

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    Minimum wage debate and technology

    We’ve all seen these sci-fi shows and movies where robots and computers replace or at least supplement man. Some people advocate this, or at least see a future where this

    Ethanol and the special interests keeping it alive.

    Does anyone really know where this Ethanol situation all started? It all started in the 70s, when the new pollution standard came around (adding catalytic converters required on all vehicle),

    The new racism of the 21st Century

    The modern racial climate in the new 21st century United States is anything but united, despite 200 years of the fight for true equality. To really see how we got

    We are AMERICANS

    Today we have a nation that is polarized as ever. The left wants all guns banned to “save the kids” while simultaneously killing unborn kids via attempted expansion of abortion

    The real winners and losers of the Zimmerman trial

    As the Zimmerman trial came to a close, over the previous weeks we saw where people really stand. In the end, the only real winners of the Zimmerman trial are

    Non-existance of Obamas transparency

    Yesterday (July 4, 2013), the President made a speech to his puppets and slaves, and anyone willing to listen. The real shocking part (well not really, the truth is now

    Gun control is people control

    Today on the 17th of April 2013, we saw our Senators stand up and follow the will and want of the majority of our population. They voted against every single