I quit.

    I wish I’d researched Eagle Publishing and Regnery’s associations much sooner – I might have spared myself some of the dismay with its sordid roster of authors (whom it may also be cheating) and its methods of attack-journalism as evidenced in Human Events. The events of the last two weeks have only amplified my desire to no longer associate with agents of voter exploitation and | Read More »

    No heroes or clean hands in S. Ossetia

    (I would have edited the wording of some sentences that were more pertinent to Lesterblog but every such sentence included an important link, so I decided RS readers don’t need a further explanation of a cross-post, anyway. BTW, I forgot that RS 3.0 was imminent when I disappeared a couple weeks back. I like it.) This weekend’s rapidly escalating fighting in the former Soviet republic | Read More »