The REAL Buffett Rule

    What a coincidence that I just read the following passage in the book ROLLBACK – Repealing Big Government Before the Coming Fiscal Collapse which is a great book written by Tom Woods Jr. It is great amo to show Warren Buffetts motives may be less pure than he presents them. — “Big business has also opposed tax cuts or supported tax increases, again contrary to | Read More »

    Should They Just Ignore Obama???

    Obama has requested a joint session of Congress to deliver a speech on the economy and jobs. In an unfortunate “coincidence” the President has chosen the day of an important and long planned Republican Presidential debate for the session. This “coincidence” would effectively remove Michelle Bachmann and Ron Paul from the debate by forcing their attendance to the joint session and making it impossible for them to attend the debate. | Read More »

    Media Manipulation: Leading you to Rick Perry???

    Top Story at the Drudge Report currently has a picture of Mitt Romney and a picture of Rick Perry (Perry is nodding and pointing toward Mitt), with the headline COMIN’ ON STRONG,  linking to an article from CNN’s Political Ticker which offers “proof” that Perry sits atop the GOP polls. Here are the first two paragraphs (bold is my highlighting) “A new national survey | Read More »

    Bachmann is Hitler

    (this is my first RS diary, hope you enjoy) Honestly, I’m a little disappointed in our media that they haven’t been pointing this out. It really shows what a pathetic bunch of parrots they are. They get the establishment talking points and just squawk slightly different versions of the garbage based on how their stunted minds accidentally skew it. Don’t get me wrong, some of | Read More »