Brewer’s veto of senate bill 1062

    Governor Brewer’s veto is no surprise. When the NFL tells you that your going to lose the Super Bowl, religious liberty and freedom of conscience do not stand a chance. Lawmakers could have written a better bill. Had the bill limited the businesses affected to those with five employees or less, it would have been harder to mischaracterize and ultimately veto. For Christians, make no | Read More »

    Reagan and the government shutdown

    With all the hand wringing about the pending government shutdown, I thought the following from a radio address that Reagan made shortly after losing the nomination to Ford was helpful. “My belief has been strengthened that if government would someday quietly close the doors; if all the bureaucrats would tiptoe out of the marble halls; it would take the people of this country quite a | Read More »

    Response to John Hawkins’ “7 Reasons Why Marriage is Falling Apart in America”

    This is in response to John Hawkins’ “7 Reasons Why Marriage is Falling Apart in America”. You totally missed the boat on the root cause as to why marriage is falling apart. In the last fifty years we have transitioned from a Christian to a completely secular culture. The laws, like no-fault divorce, and our sexual mores (acceptance of living together, illegitimacy, absentee fathers, homosexuality, | Read More »