Conscience of a Candidate

As I put the memories of two failed bids to unseat Patrick Kennedy from his Congressional seat in Rhode Island’s first and stare down the road at a new born 2009, I’m faced with decisions and a set of possible resolutions. The Kennedy races actually came about in the millennium as a New Year’s resolution spoken at the dinner table of a friend in Wellesley MA. That it didn’t come to fruition until 2006 is neither here-nor-there. It is a resolution kept.

This year, I have resolved to become a literary giant… well not a giant per se – but at least literary. My intention is to write an essay each of the first 100 days of the year. There are no mandates – no parameters – just a desire to get the thoughts of a four year political endeavour down onto paper. I want to catalog my positions on issues in more than a sound bite manner. I want to tell stories from the campaign trail (because everyone loves a good yarn about Patrick Kennedy) and I want to explain why I ran.

There are a lot of “Monday Morning Quarterbacks” who have never had their name on a ballot who believe that they have the answers. They fault candidates and are the din of foolish voices that we hear over our shoulders if we listen really carefully. I’m no longer a politician in the strict sense of the word. I’ve crossed over firmly to the activist side of the equation and I have the opportunity to call some of these folks out. I’ll never say never, but I don’t foresee myself running again anytime soon. That attitude brings tremendous freedom.

To be sure, I’ll praise those who need praise, as well, and there are a number of great folks toiling in the fallow fields of New England Republican politics. I’ll start my essays here, because it seems that RI needs a voice on RedState (contradiction in terms…?). I’ll expand my thoughts in each piece and hope to publish them towards the end of the year in a collection which I have always intended to call “Conscience of a Candidate”.

If I have to self publish – so be it. I have to keep my resolution, after all. If, however, your resolution this year was to become a literary agent, give me a call. Maybe we can start a resolution support group.

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