What Ever Happened to Optimism?

    “I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.”- Thomas Jefferson in a letter to John Adams, August 1, 1816   The risk inherent in the creation of our new nation was immense. Everyone involved knew that it was a great experiment in social science and most of the international community was convinced that it would fail. How can a | Read More »

    Hello Silence My Old Friend

    Much criticism has been levied against the Obama administration based upon his grand claim that his is the most transparent government in history. I would argue that he has. The opacity exists within the framework of government and the entangling bureaucracy but the purpose of his administration and the trajectory we are currently set upon is plain and clear as day. There is nothing more | Read More »

    When Rule Trumps Law

    The endlessly quotable John Adams famously said of our young nation that it is, “a nation of laws, not of men”. This was a clear distinction from the European traditions of monarchy that had dominated Western culture for centuries. In that phrase was the inherent equality of a government that was elected by the people that passed laws for the people, which at the time | Read More »

    A Self-Evident Truth

    Our nation began, with its very inception, as a series of stated principles that men of honor saw as truth. As recognized truth, it could not be yielded, broken, denied, traded, bought, or ignored. The basis for liberty and for this country was founded upon these recognized universal truths that bound men for centuries and would continue to do so, regardless of fashion, opinion, or | Read More »


    Taken from my blog at We again come to the time of year that calls for an examination of the horrific and the chilling. This website will join the rest of the internet as it concerns itself with frightening aspects of our usual areas of study, and as last year , we find the tax code no less terrifying than it was before. But, | Read More »


    Taken from my blog at   The FairTax has been filed in Congress for about a decade and a half now. There are some who hold the belief that this passage of time is proof that this idea is ultimately unachievable. Those who believe this are poor students of history. Our current income tax was established in 1913, after a previous income tax, passed | Read More »


    Last October we recognized the surging popularity of the term tax reform. The terms current stature with the political class does provide for some inroads for the FairTax but we should be aware right away that we do not have the same goals in mind. Because as we have covered before and as is readily noticeable, reform goes nowhere near far enough to mend this | Read More »


    There is a fundamental rule in architecture, always build upon a sturdy foundation. It is as old as the Bible, the earliest builders understood to build on shifting sands was to invite ruin. That if not on solid rock we stand all other ground is sinking sand so to speak. These laws also apply to other creations, a nation for instance. The most basic relationship | Read More »


    If this political season has taught us anything, it is the danger of falling into routine. Events of the past years are discussed and reported in the same news anchor’s monotone throughout the country. Policies are described without context and only the shallowest of meanings are conveyed as important. Keep an eye on the news in the upcoming months, every story will be broken down | Read More »

    Perception is Unreality

    In politics, as the saying goes, perception is reality. Much of what the American public watches on its nightly news is merely elected officials, appointed officials and other talking heads attempting to spin reality into a narrative that benefits one half of the country to the detriment of the other. A large majority of the time this disillusion only results in a momentary or temporary | Read More »