An ex-Marine, former Democrat, and now staunch Republican thanks to Bill Clinton and his "gays in the military" policy.


    Fixing What Ails Us

    With the recent repeal of the U.S. military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, the culture wars appear to be entering a new phase. In this country, the gay marriage issue has become passé. The discussion has moved on to other fronts, such as 46-year-old Columbia University Professor David Epstein’s alleged sexual relationship with his 24-year-old daughter. Both were consenting adults, so what’s the problem? In | Read More »

    Governor Palin, President Obama, and the Life-and-Death Issue that Defines Them

    Of all the potential 2012 Republican Presidential candidates, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin provides the starkest contrast to President Obama. With the debut of the TLC series ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’, America is getting an in-depth look at the former First Family of Alaska. This includes the newest additions, son Trig Palin and grandson Tripp Johnston—and therein lies the rub. Trig Palin has Down syndrome, and | Read More »

    Fox News Takes on the President

    If you are going to call yourself a journalist and you get an interview with the President of the United States, why not ask the tough questions. That’s what Fox News anchor Bret Baier did Wednesday evening when he sat down for his first “exclusive” interview with President Barrack Obama to discuss the current health care reform bill. Baier came prepared to ask the tough | Read More »

    Obama’s Failure to Connect

    On October 28th President Obama flew to Delaware’s Dover Air Force Base to honor the return of 18 servicemen killed in Afghanistan. Again on November 10th the President flew to Fort Hood, Texas to honor the soldiers and civilians killed in the first terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11. What was missing at both of these events was any emotional connection by the President | Read More »


    Obama Declares War on the Profit Motive

    When it comes to the healthcare industry, the banking industry, the insurance industry, the oil industry and other sectors of the economy, President Obama and his Ivy League cohorts seem to have declared war on profits and the profit motive. According to President Obama, profits are evil. Profits don’t create jobs or grow the economy; they only serve to enrich the wealthy investor class. Only | Read More »

    The Nobel Peace Prize Winners and Losers for 2009

    The winner of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize by unanimous vote is President Barrack Obama. Other winners of this year’s award include Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Syria, nuclear proliferation, the Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Neville Chamberlain wing of the Democratic Party.   The losers and those given no consideration by the committee include Israel, American service men and women fighting in Iraq and | Read More »

    The Beginning of the End for ACORN

    According to activist filmmaker James O’Keefe’s recently released video tapes, taxpayer supported ACORN offices in Baltimore, MD and Washington D.C. were more than willing to accommodate a pimp and his prostitute in their plans for business expansion. Their plans included the purchase of housing and the importation of under aged illegal immigrant girls from El Salvador, all for the expressed purpose of establishing a criminal | Read More »

    Governor Palin is free to move about the country—and she’s looking for big game.

    Since the beginning of July, the top news headlines have been all Michael Jackson. In second place is Governor Sarah Palin. On July 3rd, Governor Palin announced she will be stepping down as Governor of Alaska effective the end of July. Speculation has been rampant, with most news media outlets and political pundits jumping on the band wagon to quickly criticize her decision and spin | Read More »

    Angry Voters in 2009; Elections in 2010

    Since becoming President, Barrack Obama has angered a lot of Americans. I’m angry that terrorists in Afghanistan now have the right to remain silent and the right to a court appointed attorney.  I’m also angry that the Obama administration is spending trillions of dollars we don’t have. This summer I’ve noticed a large and growing number of Americans are angry about something. For Americans looking | Read More »

    Israel and the Bush Doctrine

    For all you people who criticized George W. Bush for invading Iraq because of concerns about WMD’s, what would you now advise the Israeli government do about Iran? As with Iraq in 2003, the world can only speculate as to whether Iran has a nuclear weapons program. My guess is they do. What makes Israel more vulnerable then the United States to a nuclear strike | Read More »