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    Brian Williams, American Sniper?

    The military, as an idea, might be the last American institution with the built-in credibility that journalists used to enjoy.

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    President Obama’s Comic-Book Identity Crisis

    “There’s a storm coming Mr. Wayne. You and your friends better batten down the hatches, ‘cause when it hits, you’re all gonna wonder how you could ever live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.” –Selena Kyle, The Dark Knight Rises While liberals wring their hands over how to apply salve to the recent wounds dealt to the Obama campaign by | Read More »

    BullBiden! a.k.a Romney’s Hope-a-Dope

    The Rope-a-Dope. The joke is so easy, it almost writes itself. This week, though, we’ve got to put the emphasis on the word dope. It works on two levels: Dope, the insult directed at the fantastically dunderheaded, and the cannabis derivative that has become the official inhalant of Occupy Wall Street. I think I want to go on record and say that neatly-rolled joints and rape are the only | Read More »

    Barack Obama is the CEO he’s running against…

    Right now, ironically, Barack Obama is trying desperately to hold on to a job. We know how that feels, Mr. President. While charting liberal hypocrisy is de rigeur here on RedState, and there are those who are going to be far better at it than I, I felt compelled to make the titular observation, and submit for you the substantiating evidence. Why? Because the President | Read More »

    I guess we did build that…

    Today, Richard Cohen published a piece in the Washington Post that inspired me to write a little rebuttal. Not that Richard will ever read this, or that he ever should, but it should still be said: The left is far more obsessed with the dynamics of, “you didn’t build that” than the right. They worry. They fret. They spin. And when all of that retching | Read More »

    Obamacadabra! Part One.

    I recently had the opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C. on some personal business. While it was not a particularly interesting trip, one event stood out in my mind above all others: The Magic Show at The DNC Theater.  Prior to my trip, I had seen ads all over the major media networks, all implying that the illusionist there was second-to-none, and I have to | Read More »

    Down the Ballot? Down the Toilet.

    Rick “Tim Tebow” Santorum. It has to be said, and said now, to clear the record. I know, Rick Perry tried to capitalize on Tebowmania, and the young quarterback himself has shown remarkable dexterity in avoiding getting involved with politics, which is a good thing. Now that Rick Santorum has left the race, in retrospect, the comparisons are almost scary. The hard-line Christianity that, actually, upon | Read More »

    Culpable and Capable

    “Has the TEA Party become a GOP Liability?” -Washington Post headline, April 6th, 2012. First of all, a big thanks to all who R&R’d (Read and recommended, and if that’s not slang on the sites where I post yet, it is now.) my last post. Like most conservatives, I wish the media would do its job, so I wouldn’t have to. I would like to apologize | Read More »


    “We’ve tried it the Republican way, and it has failed”. Ah, Proglodytes. They always manage to step up and make it easy. I now know why Al Franken wanted to expand government control of the web. Any doofus with a search engine can take the government’s argument apart in a matter of seconds. I mean, earlier this week a famous Constitutional Law professor actually forgot Marbury v. Madison! Ladies | Read More »

    Rommunism! Dam-Mitt!

    There are more Republican primaries today. I’m not exasperated, nor am I disappointed. I’m just surprised at how fast this is going by. Wisconsin, Maryland, and the District of Columbia will give their input as to who will be the nominee. Odds are we will ultimately wind up with Mitt Romney. As a Constitutional Conservative, I don’t like the way that sounds any more than | Read More »