O’Donnell and Lying To Save Lives: Was Castle Right to Withhold His Endorsement?

    In general, it’s wrong for defeated primary candidates to refuse to endorse their opponents. Many “moderates” have been incredibly selfish and sore losers. Murkowski and Crist are the most extreme examples. Unfortunately, it appears that Delaware could the exception. O’Donnell’s admission that she dabbled in witchcraft (!) is damaging enough to her credibility, although one could argue that she was young at the time and | Read More »

    The Obama-Petraeus Rule – Don’t Express “Official” Views On Things Outside Your Official Power

    Based in part on my post at and in part on a comment I made on this post. What does General Petraeus’ comments on burning Qu’rans have in common with President Obama’s habit of talking about things like the Park51 Mosque and the Cambridge Police? In each case, as a British law student, I think the problem is that there is a breach of a | Read More »

    Government Isn’t Us

    This Post was originally posted at the Blog of the Cambridge University Conservative Association. President Obama recently spoke at the University of Michigan. In his speech, he criticised those who attack government as inherently bad. He stated that such people fail to comprehend that “in a democracy, Government is us.” Why Obama Is Wrong – 1. Democracy?!? At some level, democratic governments are supposed to be | Read More »

    Socialism Fail

    You know a left-wing piece of legislation is horrendously bad when even the NYT has to admit it. Remember that whole “pass it so we can find out what it is” idea? Congress is finding that it’s a really, really bad thing. Why? They may have managed to abolish their own health insurance plan and mandated themselves to join a plan which won’t exist for | Read More »

    On The Innocent Victims of War

    A few of you may have seen the terrible video of the Reuters journalists caught in the crossfire in Iraq. Lefties have been going crazy over it – “Murder!” “War Crimes!” “Imperialism!” They are, of course, wrong. Lefties usually are. As the conservative blogosphere has repeated ad nauseam (including here –, if you hide in the woods and pretend to be a deer, you can’t | Read More »