Josh Painter was born in Louisiana and grew up there and in Houston, TX in the 50s and 60s. He has a degree in broadcast journalism and worked in that business for twenty years. Disgusted with media bias, he changed careers and was an Information Technology professional for another twenty years until his recent retirement. A long-time Democrat until "Reagan and Rush changed my way of thinking," Josh became politically active when he got involved in the Draft Fred Thompson grassroots movement. He began blogging for Fred and was managing six blogs at once, including the now-inactive Josh currently has three Blogger blogs and is a contributor. Josh enjoys restoring classic motorcyles and listening to jazz, country and southern rock music.


    Anniversary of Shame

    It was one year ago, on December 12, 2008, that the church Sarah Palin’s family attends was torched: WASILLA — Whoever torched Gov. Sarah Palin’s home church tried to start fires in several places around the building, the federal agency assisting in the investigation said Monday. Accelerants were found in multiple locations on the outside of Wasilla Bible Church, including around entrances and exits, according | Read More »

    Palin-hatin’ bloggers and the Wyle E. Coyote Effect

    We don’t subscribe to the notion recently floated by Rick Moran in “Did Sarah Palin just ‘Pwn’ the media with divorce rumors?” The theory holds that the Gryphen-Zaki meltdown over the weekend was the result of an elaborate Rovian-style setup brilliantly planned and executed by Sarah Palin: It’s too pat, the pieces fit too nicely together (an “explanation” for why she resigned) not to raise | Read More »

    You must see this Bill Whittle video

    This isn’t a diary; this is a call to action. Bill Whittle has made a video in which he explains why the left, the media and Vichy Republicans joined in a de facto Axis of Elites to try to destroy Sarah Palin. This is must-see PJTV, and it’s made out of pure 100% awesome. But it’s about much more than Sarah Palin. It’s about a | Read More »

    I’m proud to have been an Erickson cohort

    Last November, I received an offer that I couldn’t refuse. Erick Erickson invited me to become one of what Newsweek called “his cohorts”: “Erickson and his team of 25 core contributors—a regular-folks crew that includes a construction worker and a stay-at-home dad—also pick candidates to back in key state-level races and use the site to raise money for them.” After I pinched my arm a | Read More »

    The dogfight over the F-22A Raptor

    Although it has yet to see combat in the air, the F-22 Raptor air superiority fighter is the object of an intense dogfight on Capitol Hill. The debate has made for some strange bedfellows. On one side, there are the antis – the Pentagon, Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin and Sen. John McCain among them – who want to wrap the program up and | Read More »

    Here are those jobs Obama promised you

    Hi, Billy Mays here, coming to you from beyond the grave for Jobs That Matter. Near double-digit unemployment got you down? Out of work since that  temp job as a census-taking clown? Don’t despair, you can work for *ObamaCare! We need change like never before — on the economy, climate change and WAIT — there’s more!

    Memo to Linda Kellen Biegel

    To: Linda Kellen Biegel, a.k.a “Celtic Diva” Re: Ethics Violation As you can see from the attached photograph, this federal employee is in clear violation of Sec. 2635.101 of the Standards Of Ethical Conduct For Employees Of The Executive Branch, Subpart A, “General Provisions” – which states: (8) Employees shall act impartially and not give preferential treatment to any private organization or individual. Millions of | Read More »

    SarahPAC raised $733,000 in five months

    That’s right, five months — not six —  bacause as Allah notes at Hot Air — SarahPAC wasn’t fully operational until the end of January: “By comparison, Romney’s PAC raised $1.4 million through the end of May, but then fundraising is pretty much Mitt’s full-time gig these days and he already has a polished team around him left over from the primaries. Let’s see what | Read More »

    Poll: Voters Trust GOP over Dems on 8 of 10 Key Issues

    Well, that didn’t take long. Those of us who expected the Democrats, with control over three DC houses — House,  Senate and White House — to blow it didn’t expect it happen so quickly. But it seems that the donkey party, by misinterpreting their 2008 election victory as a mandate (it wasn’t) and by overreaching on the stimulus, abortion, cap and trade, health care reform | Read More »

    Flea Fly Foe Frum

    David Frum has now pontificated on the Palin resignation, so the Vichy wing of the Republican Party can stop holding its collective breath and exhale. “On reflection” Frum has it all figured out. It’s all about the money: “2009-2011 will be her peak years for speaking fees. If she runs for president in 2012, she’ll be obliged to cut back her paid speeches in the | Read More »